Meet Gurgaon twins Ankita and Harshita Chauhan, who  have been entirely comparative in nearly everything following their introduction to the world. This time, even their class 12 CBSE scores have stamped this. The last time the young ladies varied from each other was at the time of their birth, as one of them saw the light of the world 14 minutes before the other.

Ankita and Harshita Chauhan Twins who got similar marks in CBSE TomatoheartImage Courtesy: Hindustan Times

The 17-year-old siblings Ankita and Harshita Chauhan, both are science students and scored exactly identical 93% in CBSE class twelfth exam results. According to Hindustan Times, the duo also scored equal marks in the Joint Entrance Examination (Main) 2016, but couldn’t qualify for the advanced examinations. The twins will now join the same college in Chennai to study software engineering. Ankita said that they can’t get over the fact that how their outcomes become so much identical every time.

Harshita said:

“Ankita worked very hard and was expecting a higher score than me in the board examinations but our father used to say that we will score equally. When we opened the result, we were in shock to see that he was right,”

To read more on this topic on Hindustan Times.


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