Disney’s new animated movie ”MOANA” is the new big shot without a love story. This is 3D computer-animated, musical fantasy film. Directed by Ron Clements and John Musker and produced by Walt Disney Animation Studios.


The high anticipation with the film is, it is set to rule without a prince.  Disney stories are trade marked to have the best princes and princesses with a boasting love story, teaching billions of young minds how the cycle runs. This turned into a cliche amongst little girls as to how they can and MUST be saved by a handsome prince.

disney princes and princesses

Revolutionary as Disney aimed at being since its release of ”The Princess and The Frog” cutting stereotypes in race. ”MOANA” is its yet another revolutionary film. The big shot being, there is no prince or a love interest as such in the story. Thus teaching a lesson of Women Empowerment to the new generation.

The film will focus on the Polynesian princess ‘Moana’ finding herself and saving the world (not an easy task) and during her journey, she teams up with a father figure and legendary demi-god Maui. Disney’s new trend of introducing princesses that don’t need to fall in love with a prince was seen even before. In movies like ”FROZEN” and ”BRAVE”, despite lacking the love-story plot proved a big success.

The picture will be titled ”Vaiana” in many countries following a trademark conflict. The picture will be titled ”Oceania” in Italy, while the name of the protagonist will be Vaiana instead of Moana, to avoid confusion with an Italian porn star of the same name, Moana Pozzi. OOPSIE!!!
‘MOANA” hits the theaters on the 23rd of November 2016. As for now, here is the amazing trailer :

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Featured Image Courtesy : johngreeko.deviantart.com

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