An addiction makes you weak, they are compelling and if you are obsessed, they can be extremely dangerous too! We bring to you a list of the 15 strangest and horrifying addictions ever which will leave your jaw dropped!

1. Eating Glass

He craves for pieces of glasses to satisfy his hunger and he cannot get over it, no matter how hard he tries. Meet Josh who has this obsessive compulsive disorder of eating glasses. He particularly looks for pieces of champagne glasses, wine glasses, and light bulb.


2. Drinking Human Blood

Michelle has been drinking blood since 15 years now and she is addicted to it. She says she consumes blood because she loves the feel of it. Creepy? But true.


3. Drinking Your Own Urine

As if drinking human blood was not enough, Carrie is addicted to drinking her own urine. On being inquired further, she also mentioned that she likes the warm feeling of it. If this did not disgust you, we wonder what will.


4. Eating Mattresses

Another such strange and shocking addiction is eating mattresses. Jennifer is obsessed with eating mattresses and her situation is turning worse every day because she fails to control herself.


5. Stinging with bees

Margaret has this addiction which will give chills to your spine and will make you feel the pain, she likes to sting herself with bees. Yes, that’s right. She likes to pierce through her skin with sting of honey bees. It is scary to see somebody getting used to such enormous amount of pain.


6. Eating Rocks

Ever thought somebody can eat 2 pounds of rocks a day? Teresa can. She has an addiction of eating rocks and she does it by hammering down bigger pieces to the sizes she feels comfortable with. She has tried chewing it as larger chunks but she prefers it in small pieces and as a result, breaks it down to bits before consuming.


7. Eating Plastics

Kailyn is addicted to eating plastics and she tries to eat or at least taste whatever plastic she finds at her place. This is because she likes the way it crunches and feels inside her mouth. And we thought that chips were something crunchy.


8. Addicted to looking like ken

We all know Ken and the ‘perfect’ image that he portrays which is created by the society. People might like Ken as a doll but Justin is addicted to looking like him. He is undergone plastic surgeries and what not to look exactly like the doll. He is a living Ken.

ken doll

9. Drinking Paint Marker

Heather is a mother of two and has this addiction which is nothing less than risky and dangerous. Heather has finished drinking more than 3 gallons of paint marker since her addiction began and she is addicted to its texture.


10. Eating Sand

Brea eats what people play with on the beaches. She is addicted to eating sand and has tried various combinations of it with other eatables (real eatables). She just cannot stop herself from eating sand because now this has turned to be her addiction.


11. Addicted To Air-Fresheners

Evelyn is addicted to drinking air fresheners because she likes its smell and is struggling to overcome her obsession.

air freshener

12. Obsessed With Long Neck

Sydney V. Smith is addicted to having the world’s longest neck and she wants to make it grow longer. She is a woman with the tallest neck in the world right now and her neck measures at 11 inches. She puts in the pile of rings around her neck in order to elongate it.


13. Cat Food

Mary is addicted to eating cat food. She eats about 900 cat treats every day. She is trying to overcome to this addiction but fails to do so. Mary’s dangerous addiction is very risky for her life.

cat food

14. Nail Polish Addiction

Bertha is addicted to consuming nail polish. She is crazy about its smell and takes 18 ounces of nail polish every day.

nail polish

15. Nails that can kill

Ayanna is a 54-year-old and addicted to growing her nails. Her nails have grown to dangerously long lengths and have made her life extremely difficult but she is unable to get over her addiction of growing nails.


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