Aloe Vera a succulent plant is widely grown in areas having tropical climates. It can be used for decorative purposes and also for curing various ailments. Thus it is extensively grown in Africa and sub-Indian parts of the world. In the US, Mexico, the Philippines it is grown industrially.

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Here we have listed top 5 reasons why you should be using Aloe Vera regularly.
1. Helpful for Diabetes

Aloe VERA is found to be a useful plant for a diabetic patient. People suffering from Type 2 diabetes can consume aloe VERA as it helps in reducing glucose in the blood. Thus daily consumption of aloe VERA helps them in the secretion of insulin which is needed by a diabetic patient thus helps them in controlling their diabetes. Thus it has anti- diabetic effects and helps in lowering sugar level in the blood. The daily dose of aloe vera juice is 50ml and the dose for capsules is 200mg-300mg per day.

2. Can be used as a Beauty product
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As our skin needs nutrition, Aloe VERA helps in providing so. It can be used on all skin types and is equally beneficial. It helps in removing tan and can be used in cases of skin burn. It can also be used as a scrub by many people. It can be used both in summers and winters. All you need to do is apply the gel on your skin directly and then see its magical effects. It can also be used as acne by many people. It helps in glowing of the skin and helps in looking it fresh.

3. Used in case of Hairfall

Aloe VERA has an enzyme called as a proteolytic enzyme which helps in repairing of dead cells on the scalp. It can also be used as a natural hair conditioner and leaves your hair smooth and shiny after applying it on your hair. It also helps in reducing dandruff and prevents the scalp from itching. Thus aloe vera has a similar combination that of keratin and thus helps in keeping our hair shiny and dandruff free. It leaves your hair soft and smooth and is better than the conditioners available in the market.

4. Helpful in Weight-Loss
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Aloe Vera is not only used as a beauty product but can also be used for reducing weight. It has various enzymes which help an individual in reducing his/her weight. Obesity is the next big concern for beauty these days, thus aloe vera helps in both the cases to an individual. It also a good source of protein for our body and keeps our energy level up to the mark. But for it to work, people need to consume aloe vera daily for a very long time.

5. Role of a Medicine

It has many medicinal qualities and helps in curing various diseases. It can be used in many skin treatments and is used as an herbal treatment in many countries. Aloe Vera can be used during skin burns. Its gel can be used in yoghurts and desserts. But it has siyogurtsts too if consumed in an improper manner.

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