“I’ve tried staying in bed and literally counting sheep. I’ve tried reading, hot showers, progressive muscle relaxation.”
Do you also say these things to people who raise eyebrows on your sleeping habits? Then welcome to the insomniac club.
Here are 15 thoughts every insomniac has every night.

1. Let me check my social accounts for 2 mins then I’ll doze off.


And then we all know those 2 mins turn into an hour and then 2 hours and you lie awake all night.

2. They say blinking continuously helps you sleep, Let me try that.


It is not working. Why don’t these things work on me? I am different?

3. I am too strong to be defeated by sleep.


You find legit reasons for the fact that you can’t sleep.

4. Ok, I am hungry !! Let me check the cupboard if there is something to gorge on.


My weight will increase if I keep on gorging like this. Shit shit!!

5. Did I lock the door? Did I hear a knock? Did I hear screeching?


Is somebody there? Is it a ghost or a murderer or a thief? I am going to die today.

6. Why did I take that course up, I would have been better without it.



7. If I fall asleep right now, I can sleep for 7 hours then. If i sleep now, 5 hours then. 3…..2…..1…..


And no sleep, its time to wake up.

8. I will have 1 cup coffee in the morning and it will be enough. 2 cups…..4 cups…. I think I’ll have to drink, bathe, eat coffee.


9. Are there 5 sheep or 7? How many did I count?


I forgot the count again. How many did I count? 48 or 49?

10. I’ll fall asleep early tomorrow.


I will switch off my phone and sleep early.

11. Why did I sayI love you to that creep? He must think I am desperate.


It was such a bad decision. I am such a fool.

12. Has the ceiling always been this good or I am too tired to be thinking straight?


13. I think I’ll sleep sideways.
No, on my stomach is the best.
No, the other side actually.


Which position was it again?

14. shit it’s already 2? I have to get up early.


Why do I have to get up so early? I should take up the night shift.

15. Winners don’t sleep. The sun doesn’t sleep, the sky doesn’t sleep, then why should I?


Are you also facing the same problem of insomnia? If the answer is yes, share it on your timeline and if you think we missed a thought, write in the comments section below.


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