It’s difficult to get a Visa when you are planning for a nice adventurous holiday trip. A lot of proofs, documents, and expenses are needed in order to get the stamp. But there are many places in the world that Indians can visit without a visa. Here are those 15 countries where Indians don’t need VISA to visit:

1Hong Kong

For up to 15 days Indians can stay in Hong Kong without a visa. It is a global financial center where you can find several skyscrapers, night markets, Disneyland, and diverse food. Lan Kwai Fong is mostly popular for its nightlife and is a home to about 90 pubs, clubs, and restaurants. Therefore this is the best place for a party animal.


Nepal is one of the countries that do not require a passport to cross its borders. According to Nepal Embassy, Indians can enter Nepal with their passport or any other photo identity approved by the government. One can also travel to Nepal by road. Nepal’s Pashupatinath Temple, Bhaktapur Durbar Square are the best places to visit. This place is heaven for adventurers. The best time to visit Nepal is October and November.

3Pitcairn Islands

The Pitcairn Islands allow Indians to visit without a visa for 14 days and it is one of the most peaceful places for a holiday. Here you can discover various rock formations and flora and fauna through an eco-trail to Sailor’s Hide and Christian’s Cave. In the Oeno island, one can enjoy camping and discover its natural beauty.


Fiji is among those countries which allow Indians to visit without a visa. If you are planning a relaxing trip, then Fiji is the place for you. The Denarau Island is famous for snorkeling, golfing, shopping and its nightlife and Nananu-i-Ra is popular for its kite surfing and safaris. And if you are an archaeology lover then you must visit Fiji Museum.


Maldives is known as the land of beaches, coral reefs, and blue lagoons. It is one of the most preferred destinations for Honeymoon. Maldives allows 30-day free visa to Indians. Maldives is the best place for a relaxing trip if you want to soak yourself in nature’s beauty. Underwater diving, snorkeling, sailing are some of the water sports people enjoy here.


Mauritius is one of the countries where Indians can visit without a prior visa. Mauritius offers visa on arrival for Indian nationals for 60 days. Mauritius is famous for its home rainforests, waterfalls, hiking trails and ample wildlife.

7The Cook Islands

Cook Island allows its visitors to stay without a visa for about 31 days. Avarua is one of the most unforgettable places to visit here on Saturdays which also has live performances. From fishing, snorkeling to swimming and kayaking, one can enjoy and fulfill their water adventure.


Jordan is among those countries which provide the visa to Indians on their arrival. Jordan is the home to over 10,000 Indian employers only in the textile sector. Jordan is famous for its Petra heritage, Dead Sea and the barren desert of Wadi Rum. Dana Biosphere Reserve is one of the largest biospheres in the country. One of the most remarkable monuments of Jordan is the Temple of Artemis.


Macau is one of the richest countries in the world. Macau also allows Indians to cross their borders without a visa. Macau is called as the Las Vegas of Asia because the Venetian Macau is a Vegas-style, Venice-themed resort with its nightlife, malls, casinos. One should visit the Museum of Macau to know its history which is situated on a hill in the 16th-century fort.


Bhutan is known as the land of happiness.  It is a country where the Gross National Happiness is valued more than their Gross Domestic Product. For traveling to Bhutan, Indians don’t need visa or passport. It is preferred to travel by road to Bhutan to enjoy the scenic beauty. Buddha point of Thimphu, Punakha, Dochula Pass and the trek to the Paro Taktsang or Tiger Nest Monastery are the best places to complete the tour.

11The British Virgin Islands

The British Virgin Islands allows Indians to visit without a visa for about 30days after getting a visitor bona fide at the port of entry. These islands are the part of the volcanic archipelago in the Caribbean and are known for its beaches, sailing, fishing,national parks, museums and various water sports.


Vanuatu is the best place for an adventurous holiday. It is famous for its active volcanoes, hiking trails, deep-sea fishing, kayaking and underwater caverns and wrecks. It also allows Indians to visit for about 30 days without a visa. If you are planning for honeymoon then,  Iririki Island is perfect for the privacy along with romantic views.

13Kish Island

Kish Island is among the ten most beautiful islands in the world and to visit this island one doesn’t need a visa. This place attracts a lot of tourists every year. Being a small island, it offers plenty of tourist attractions such as beautiful beaches and an underground city.



Visa can’t stop you from visiting Montserrat. Various helicopters and boat rides are available for the tour. One must visit the Soufriere Hills Island to see the amount of destruction that can be made by the volcanoes.


This is again one of the countries where Indians don’t need a visa to visit for about three months. You only need a passport which is valid for at least six months. The Sans- Souci Palace is one of the sights known for its famous architecture. If you are a nature lover, then you must visit Etang Saumatre, the largest lake in Haiti.

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