Being an NRI isn’t easy. And why would it be when people stop considering you as a normal human being. You’re given special privileges, treated as a foreigner and a lot more. So, what if you end up in a situation where you are the only NRI, surrounded by a lot of many people who look up to you as a person who belongs to a place somewhere out of the world?

Read on to know how an NRI feels in India.

People will now see you like an alien.
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Yes, they will. Despite the fact that you were born and brought up in India, people consider you a foreigner and thus end up asking things like: “How is it like being in India?” and “Do you like India or your NRI-country?” I was born here. I love India, and thus I’m here again. Duh.

People consider you as an ATM.
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An NRI equals an ATM. Being an NRI directly infers the fact that I would be rich and must be having a lot to spend in this country; especially because, India is a lot cheaper than many other countries. Even if I have sufficient amount of money, it is meant for me. Stay away. It is in no way your property.

You are a brat!
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Just because you haven’t stayed in India for the past few hours, people think that you do not value money and so you would somehow love spending money uselessly, without even once thinking about the amount of it that you spend on useless articles. Wait. Stop. That isn’t necessary, okay? There definitely are people who are spendthrifts, but you cannot generalize people on that basis.

You do not understand anything.
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Being an NRI means you do not understand our native language: Hindi and so people usually try explaining things to you with hand actions or at times in sign language. If they somehow know English, they translate things for you to comprehend. At times, they even abuse you in Hindi thinking that you won’t be able to understand. I was brought up here. I’ve been speaking Hindi since my birth. Being in a foreign land does not make me forget my native language. Isn’t that obvious?

You have lots of attitudes.


Oh yes! One more part of being an NRI is having a hell lot of attitude, and you might hear people accusing you of the same even if they haven’t talked to you at all. So, you think I have an attitude because I stayed in some other country for a few years? Okay, cool. At least you’d stay away.

This sums it up for now. I guess, NRI’s would pretty much be able to relate to this article. It might seem bizarre, but yes, people do consider all of these and at times, even weird things.

Let me know in the comments below if you’ve heard of any such statements elsewhere or have experienced the same.

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