How much do we know about the life of prostitutes? It is known that majority of the Indian masses do not consider prostitutes or prostitution as a business to be acceptable. These sex workers are not treated as humans. They are humiliated as well as insulted throughout their lives because of their profession.

Now in the modern times, that the educated Indian youth is coming up to change the way this nation works, I believe it is imperative to send this message to a prostitute. It becomes even more important that is written by a fellow female citizen.

We want to talk to you and about prostitutes.

The two ladies do not share the same occupation but certainly share the same gender. Due to which it becomes immensely important to talk. Talk about things which people avoid to.

The society is at fault.

I know this society looks at prostitutes with eyes of disgust and disgrace and makes you feel ashamed but they are wrong. The young Indian generation and the girls to be specific know how to express their opinions and hence we chose to tell you this that you deserve a life as respectable as any other citizen of this country. It is sad that this male dominant society which basically consists of us first uses prostitutes and then throws them away.

You are not alone.

The so-called stronger gender denies your identity in the morning and needs you to satisfy their sexual desires at night. It is not you who should be sad about their identity in the society, it is this hypocrite society who should be sad. The society should be recognized as a coward. It is easy to insult people but it is extremely difficult to understand the importance of each member. It is difficult to respect people.

You have us now.

Being a woman myself, I think the upcoming Indian generation is not going to treat you the way you have been until now. We completely understand that it not easy for you to face the same humiliation every day. We will work together to change that. They are extreme conditions of destitution which forces you to take these extreme steps. We are not here to judge. In fact, it can be completely your own decision to choose your occupation. The way you would want to earn yourself your daily bread. You have your freedom of choice and we will not be judgmental.

We are sorry.

We accept you as the part of our society because you really are. I apologize for what you had to face. We promise not to break the society any further into sections. It is our promise to stay together and grow stronger. To make this world a better place to live for every citizen.

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