To the LGBT Community,

I chose to talk about LGBT because we are asked not to and I completely fail to understand the reason behind it. This is definitely not some sympathy letter because you are not seeking sympathy and it is high time we realize that.


I believe it is human tendency to resist change and you, my friends, have fallen prey to this rigid tendency. Whatever seems to be a little different from the herd, instead of treating it as different, we treat it as bad. This is the root cause of not one but many other problems that plagues our society. We fail to understand the difference and start treating it as a disability instead of identifying it as our strength.


The real power lies in unity but we always end up breaking our society into various smaller sectors and discriminate on innumerable basis. The LGBT community which constitutes of lesbians, gays, bisexuals and transgenders is one of such various sectors which remains suppressed and oppressed.

I’ll tell you the truth.


The so called strong people who separated you from the rest of the society are the real weak ones. They know they cannot compete with you. They chicken out every time and to eliminate you just so that this reality does not come in fore front, they have devised this method of separation and deny to recognize your identity. Women fought for years to get the rights they truly deserved, now it is your turn. I believe that just the women succeeded to get identified in the society, you will succeed to. It is your turn to raise your voice and declare your fight against such weaklings of the society.


It is difficult in the beginning but constant effort and support will definitely give positive results. The struggle is real and it is huge. Your community may lack in number but not in spirit. This is the reason why the youth of the country which looks for change and development is with you. I am sympathizing with you but I am standing with you to fight against such evils. These evils are actually pulling the Indian society backwards. I will stand with you till the end and I am writing this letter to reinforce my opinion. You deserve the recognition.


I am a proud Indian and I proudly support all your rights.

If you feel the same or different, write your comments below!

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