Pakistan and the relationship that India shares with its neighbor have been a topic for debate from a very long time. There are mixed feelings and reactions of Indians about the issues that concern Pakistan. There are some people with the extremist views and some share an exactly opposite opinion. Hence, Tomatoheart brings an honest open letter that voices the views of the educated common public of India for Pakistan.

Hi Neighbor,

This letter has been written by a common citizen of India. The only aim of this piece of writing is to reach to a similar common citizen on the other side of the border. We hope that this time, this simple feeling of love and compassion is not overshadowed by selfish political agendas. We genuinely hope to reach out to you. It is very important for this message of love to cross the border. For a change, we want that it is love that is exchanged and not bullets.

armed forces
Firstly, we do not want a war against Pakistan.

The whole world shares an opinion that Indians hate Pakistanis and we want war. This is not the reality. The common Indian citizen is as worried as any other Pakistani citizen. The bloodshed and tension that war brings along itself is unbearable for all. We wish it was easy to send across our personal opinions without some selfish agendas maligning them. The tension that prevails on the border is completely political. We personally do not demand war and wish to maintain peace.

Secondly, you can feel safe in India.

We strongly believe that it is extremely important to respect and value human life. You may freely visit our country without any fear. The cultural and human ties that we share with you remain unaffected from all the negativity that surrounds us. We understand that the common Pakistani citizen is also against terrorism. After all, nobody wants that innocent people should be killed. It is as painful for us as it is for you to see our soldiers die on the borders every day. We promise that we will not let the hatred spread in our country.

Thirdly, let us, together, look for solutions.

We can bring a change. If we pledge to make efforts in the direction of maintaining peace and harmony in the two countries, we can always hope for seeing a positive change. It is our duty to educate each and every citizen of the two countries because it is only education which can pave the path of development and progress. We must understand that our cultural and religious diversity must unite and strengthen us instead of dividing and weakening us.


We hope that this message of love could reach you.


If you agree with us and wish to add more to this letter, write your views in the comments section below!

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