1. The Most Controversial Year

2016 has been one controversial roller coaster ride for most of the people around the world. With the most shocking and surprising events taking place in 2016, it has left most of us stunned.

With 2016 coming to an end, Tomatoheart brings to you, a real list of 10 most unexpected events that took place in 2016 and left us dumbfounded.


Wait, what? That was our reaction when we first heard the news of Britain exiting the European Union. That came as a huge shock to the complete world. No one wanted it to happen, and nobody expected it too. In the end, Brexit took place. Hence, this event made its place in this list which has more to offer.

Brexit tomatoheart

2. US Elections

Currently, a man who has numerous scandals and charges to his name, is politically the strongest man in the world. Any guesses? We do not think there is a need to guess. It is obviously Donald Trump. This is the most shocking event that took place in 2016. The majority wave was leaning in favor of Hillary Clinton since the beginning. Finally, the results left us shocked and our jaws dropped. The winner is Donald Trump!

3. Death Of Alan Rickman

He left an indelible impression on most of us with his impressive and unique work. His death was a big shocking blow to all the Potter fans. We will always remember him by his legendary dialogues and acting skills.

4. Angelina Jolie-Brad Pitt Split

They were an inspiration to many. They shared a love life which everybody in the world admired. Unfortunately, despite facing the hardships of time together for years, they are not together anymore. We wish they could have stayed stronger and continued giving us major relationship goals as before.

5. Back at Home Controversial Events- Ranbir-Katrina Split

Coming back to our desi entertainment industry, we had some shockers here as well. With love fading in the air, Bollywood woke up to the shocking news of Ranbir Kapoor and Katrina Kaif splitting up. With rumors of their marriage doing the rounds a few months back to their breaking up, Ranbir and Katrina contributed their share to the unexpected controversial events of 2016.

6. Arnab Goswami Quitting Times Now

We never thought that the man who was known for his loud-mouthed arguments on a news channel will choose to quit his identity. Arnab always had a strong relationship with controversial arguments but quitting Times Now was yet another shocker. Though there is no lack of employment opportunities for him, this separation was widely discussed upon.

7. Surgical Strike

With the Indian Army successfully conducting the surgical strike against the militant launch pads along the line of control, the news spread like the wildfire and the nation woke up to a patriotic wave. From the news channels to social media, the surgical strike was on every Indian’s mind.

8. Pakistani Actors ban

We took another step towards teaching Pakistan, a lesson which will be difficult to forget. Cutting all ties with the enemy, Pakistani actors are no longer allowed to work in the Indian film industry. This step received a mixed reaction from the masses. This incident definitely had its share of controversy.

9. Sudden Demise Of J.Jayalalitha

This came as a complete shock to everyone in the nation. The most celebrated and loved woman chief minister of Tamil Nadu, J.Jayalalitha died because of cardiac arrest. She was known for her philanthropic schemes and extremely helpful nature.

10. The Big Blow in the End- Demonetization

The Modi government chose to end the year with a bang! Demonetization is the boldest move that could have taken place in this year. From the economical perspective, it was a bold step taken by the government. Currently, India is trying to deal with its consequences as a whole. We have to wait and see if this step is able to bring any positive changes.

Comment your views below and let us know what unexpected events took place in your life and made 2016 memorable or may be difficult to forget.