India is a land of religions and as we know that “With Great Power comes Great Responsibilities” in the very similar way “With a large number of religions come large number and kind of superstitions”. In India, we all have grown up listening to one or the other superstition which has been passed on from one generation to another. But there are some scientific and logical reasons behind those superstitions.


So let’s read some of the Indian superstitions and the real scientific reason behind it.


1Eat curd and sugar before heading out

Eating curd and sugar before stepping out for something new and important is considered to be good luck. The consumption of curd has a cooling effect on the stomach and the sugar which is added provides instant glucose. This combination is indispensable for Indians and its consumption slowly linked to good luck.

2Don’t wash your hair on a certain day

Washing hair on certain days like Tuesdays or Thursdays are considered to be bad luck but it’s nothing true in this as it was one of the water management practices.

3Swallow Tulsi leaves, never chew

Tulsi leaves should not be chewed it needs to be swallowed. The science behind this is that the Tulsi leaf is healthy and it contains a little amount of Arsenic. Thus chewing it directly can result in the degradation of enamel.

4Sweeping the floor during the evening brings bad luck

The belief that sweeping the house after sunset brings bad luck, it is one of the superstitious beliefs that we have all encountered now and then. The reason behind is that our ancestors preferred to clean their house during day time because of the sunlight and to avoid sweeping away something precious. But this reason soon turned to a superstition.

5Don’t cut nails after sunset

Cutting of nails after sunset is not considered to be good at all. But the truth is something different as nail clipper blade might hurt you during the dark time or during the absence of the light.

6The mourning family of a dead person should not cook food until shraddha

The mourning family of a dead person should not cook food until shraddha.
This is one of the rituals in the Hindu religion that prevents the lighting of the hearth in the house of the deceased until the shraddha. It is said that this is to prevent the burning soul of the deceased. This has been started to provide the rest to the family and help them to cope up with the death of their loved one.

7Bathe after attending a funeral ceremony

Earlier bathing was necessary after attending a funeral ceremony but today it’s not as earlier our ancestors did not have vaccinations against smallpox, hepatitis, and other deadly diseases. So they came up with this ritual of bathing so that they can prevent themselves from the infection from the dead body.

8Menstruating Women Are Considered Impure And Unclean

In a country like India, menstruating women are considered to be impure and unclean and this gave rise to many other superstitious beliefs. At that time women are not allowed in kitchen, temples, mosques and all religious spots and they are not allowed to perform household duties like cooking food. The reason is that at that point of time woman are comparatively weak because of a lot of blood loss. So they are preferred to take complete rest and avoid their duties for some days.

9 Lizard Falling On Human Is Bad Luck

It is said to be bad luck if a Lizard falls on a human but the scientific reason behind is that the lizards are poisonous in nature which release poisonous chemicals from its body in order to protect them from their enemies and if these lizards fall on a human body or inside a food then it is bound to make it contaminated. So baths are often taken if a lizard falls on a person.

10Using lemon and 7 green chilies to avoid Buri Nazar

The nimbus Mirchi todka is one of the commonly visible Superstitions among the society whose use is often encouraged because of the qualities of lemon and chili as they both are rich in different vitamins and the ancestors use this as a symbol during ceremonies which now turned into a todka. They believe that with the help of this they can protect something from Buri Nazar.

11Twitching Of the Eye Ominous

Twitching of the eye is considered to be a good or a bad omen depending on the gender and the eye. Eye twitching leads to involuntary muscle twitches which include many medical reasons behind it. In fact, these twitches are the warning to the person about some impending problems or indicative of some good news on the way.

12Fallen Hair around the House Will brings Fight In Your Family

It is often believed that fallen hair inside the house will bring fight in your family but the real reason was something different. If someone leaves the fallen hair inside the house it may enter inside the food due to wind so it may lead to fighting among the family members.

13Friday The 13th And The Number 13 Is Unlucky

As we all know that the number 13 is considered to be unlucky so people try to avoid this number. Friday the 13th has been considered the unluckiest day of the month. The reason behind was related to Jesus Christ’s last supper. As there were 13th members were present in the supper including the Christ and his betrayer.

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