15 Things You Encounter When Your Parents Are on Facebook

Just as the coin has two sides, similarly having parents on Facebook have two different sides. Sometimes they make you feel good as they used to appreciate you and sometimes they become too annoying as their occurrence on social media make you feel embarrassed.

So here are the things which you experience when your parents are on Facebook.

1The day you receive your parent’s friend request.


What should I do? Accept or Not??

2When you get to know that they are stalking your profile.


And you are like WHYYY?

3When they add your friends to their friend list.


Why? Do you exactly know them?

4They ask you to change your profile picture.


Wow! Now I can’t even have my favorite picture.

5You can’t change your relationship status.


They should not have the slightest idea that I am dating someone.

6You will see tagged in some embarrassing photos.



But you were looking soo cute, even Mehta aunt likes it.

7They make silly mistakes on Facebook and then ask you to look after it.


And you just smile on your parent’s innocent mistakes.

8Ask you to like neighbors pictures.


Why should I?

9Check-ins are too scary.


I want to make my friends jealous, but I can’t because my parents will get to know where I am.

10You can’t post status during college hours.


And immediately you will see a comment to PAY ATTENTION IN CLASS by your parents.

11They will never understand what LOL stands for.


LOL is Lots Of Laughter.

12Instead of texting they post their text on your facebook wall.


Do you have any idea? You just messaged me on my wall instead of a private message. Why?

13You can’t put up a love quote because you simply like it.


Then get ready for a number of questions. Are you in love? Who is he/she?

14They appreciate you a lot of your embarrassing photos.


Ohhh Nooo!!

15They used to share the random post on their wall appreciating their child as the best son/daughter in the world.


Awww! I Love You Soo Much.

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