Online dating is a new trend being observed in the modern generation. People meet on Facebook and tend to fall in love despite them staying in far off places; at times even different countries.

There definitely are pros and cons to every situation and since the cons here are quite evident, there are a few of the basic ones mentioned below that you might want to go through before you commit yourself to any such relationship.

1. Lack of physical contact.

You get to talk on social media that very well includes Facebook and messaging apps like Whatsapp and Hike. But the basic need of seeing your loved one on a daily basis isn’t possible which is also the major flaw.

Lack of physical contact.

2. Trust Issues.

Once you’re in a relationship with the one you met online, you cannot ignore the various ways in which that person can ditch you. Even if you want, your friends will definitely put something or the other in your head.

Trust Issues.

3. Predictability.

Your partner gets unpredictable. The ups and downs that you face in your relationship aren’t like a roller coaster. You might have a big fight someday and the other day might end up being a quite normal one.


4. Understanding.

When you’re not in constant touch with your partner, you generally misunderstand them. You tend to lose the common contact and thus end up arguing without major reasons.


5. Romance.

Skype calling, Whatsapp chatting, etc. cannot replace the enthusiasm and the happiness that you attain on merely meeting the person you love. Those roses and chocolates, and midnight pizza’s; can these be replaced with e-cards and virtual talks?


6. Desires.

There’ll be times when you’d want to talk but he/she might not be free and times when you’d be off and you would want to stay aloof but then you might get a lovey-dovey message which you’re unable to ignore which ultimately ends up in getting you frustrated.


7. Sleep.

Another major factor is sleep. You might want to sacrifice it just to talk to that one person you admire and love. But wait! What if that person is not willing to do the same?


8. Fights.

And then there are fights which are unavoidable. You tend to fight on every small issue and then begins the cold war where neither of you speaks more than a sentence.


9. Over Thinking.

There still are times when nothing happens and everything runs as smooth as ever. But then there is your brain which never fails to disappoint you. It brings up those ifs and buts and should haves that you’re unable to ignore with frequent reminders.

Over Thinking.

So, why not think about these before you finally fall for someone whom you met online?


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