Shahrukh Khan has once again won our hearts by his inspiring gesture. At a book launch event of author Gunjan Jain’s “She walks,She leads”, King khan recited a poem and made the audience fall for him more.

Gunjan’s book is about success stories of Indian women which include Neeta Ambani, Priyanka Chopra and much more.
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Via: YRF

At this occasion, Shahrukh khan recited a poem and talked about all women who have shaped his life including his grandmother, mother, wife, daughter and all the co-stars he has worked with so far.

He said:
“They have helped me achieve 100 per cent of what I am today. I wouldn’t be half a man without these women. I owe my life to them”.

Shahrukh Khan’s poem is inspired by singer-songwriter Zayn Malik. According to him,

“There was an amazing quote about girls by Zayn Malik that I read. I’d really tried to be with it because of my daughter. So when I met him in London, inspired by his thoughts and his writing, I penned a poem for tonight or at least some rhyming lines that I felt about girls all around the world.So his quote was more or less this, I’ve tried to rhyme it. I hope it works.”

Let’s watch him now:

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