We are a democratic country and thus have liberal views. But what happens to all of us when we talk about someone from a neighbouring country, which somehow happens to be our rival? Why does hatred enrich our souls then and we get to hear nothing but hate-speeches across the nation?

We’ve often seen people arguing about how terrible Pakistanis’ are. But have we ever thought about the mere fact that they too, after all, are humans? The fault is definitely not theirs, for they were born in our rival land. Their government is at fault and so their people suffer. Why do we all just not think in this perspective?

Fawad Khan.
via Dawn

In a recent case, we heard about actors like Fawad Khan and Mahira Khan (supposed to be working in our country, India, for their films “Ae Dil Hai Mushkil” and “Raes” respectively), who were asked to leave our country and to go back to their own land in a time period of 48 hours.

I sincerely respect the love that we have for our soldiers who unfortunately got killed in the Uri Attack. But are these artists, who’ve worked night and day for our films, at fault? Are these people seriously responsible for those attacks which they might have not even been aware of, until the very day it happened?

Fawad Khan.
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If not, why are they, then, being asked to vacate our country?

If this is not another means to spread hatred and violence, I don’t know what is. People should have enough sense to be able to differentiate between artists and soldiers. These actors are people who work laboriously to make ends meet. They work overtime to make their films and serials work. Why are we, then, neglecting their efforts and emphasizing over something which is completely irrelevant? After all, were we not the ones who asked them to come and work with us, here, in our very country, India?

Apart from this, I also got to hear that Zee is considering stopping it’s Zindagi channel from Pakistan. If this turns out to be true and not some strategic move to gain publicity, it will be highly disappointing. Earlier when they had started this channel, they had this theme: “Jodey Dilo Ko” and had also met the PM of Pakistan to show him a glimpse of the channel.

Mahira Khan in the movie Bin Roye.
via Dawn

No need to “Jodey Dil” now, I guess. Huh?

India-Pakistan relation is no more the topic of interest now.  Hatred that has already spread on a wide scale range is reaching out to the masses now.

Have we all lost our sense of wisdom? Why can’t we just appreciate art, be it, from any city, state, or country in that case?

Zindagi Channel Logo.
via alltvserials

Let us all learn to respect art at least, if we cannot appreciate it.
That is all I have to say.

By the way, I appreciate your courage, Zee!

(Guess what? Fawad Khan has apparently left the country secretly, with no intention of returning back, anytime soon!)

Are all of us happy now?

I rest my case.

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