All the girls who’ve just had a breakup.


I am not one of those people who’ll console you over calls and tell you that you’ll find someone better after some time. I won’t even wipe off those many tears from your face with constant reminders of “it’ll all be okay”. Yes, l will help you out in a way in which no one else can.

the breakup girl

So, you think this is the hardest part of your life and you are the only one who is suffering. You also might be thinking that the world is crashing down on you and you have been left abandoned by someone whom you loved so much. Some of you might want to get along with their ex’s while many others would be busy finding those ways which would divert their mind. But wait. Hang on and listen to me. Will you? Just for once?

Then and there.
Look at yourself in the mirror.

Is this what you have been your entire life? Is this why you fell in love with that ex of yours who landed you up in nothing but immense pain? Is this why your parents supported you, all your life, to cry over some person who did not even deserve to be with you?

No, my girl. You are a gem.


And trust me, you do not need a boy to pull you out of this pain.

So, what should you do now? Is this really the thing that’s bothering you? Okay. Let me help you with this too.

Open the windows. Close your eyes for five minutes. Take a deep breath. Breathe out your fears. Cry away your pain and spit out everything that you’ve always wanted to say to him, to the same person who left you in this intolerable state.

And when you’re done, close the windows. Open your eyes and see. Look at the different things that made you the person you are today. Search for those journals and notebooks which would remind you of the person you used to be, before committing yourself to that person. Read books, novels; hang out with friends.

Go, have a ride on the roller coaster that you weren’t allowed to ride on, in your childhood.

Find yourself.


And when you’re all set to jump off that cliff, never lose yourself in any person, ever again. Do not let yourself get destroyed by any other person. Be it anybody; your future boyfriend or your husband.

Do you get it, girl?

I won’t let you destroy yourself in the memories of a person who never bothered about you. ‘Cause that’s what I’m supposed to do.

Yours faithfully,
Your well-wisher.

(Yes, that’s what I am.)

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