Arunabh Kumar has become a popular name in the world of viral and satirical comedy that cleverly takes a punch at common scenarios. Having started a new wave of online humour targeted at Indians, readers would be interested in uncovering some of the deepest facts about him.

1 Like most Indians, Arunabh was brought up in a strict atmosphere led by parents who dreamed of academic excellence. He appeared for the JEE Exams right after his schooling.



2 Not clearing the examinations in his first try, Arunabh shifted to Kota for preparations and passed on his second try. He describes his Alma Mater IIT Kharagpur as a dull place with no excitement.



He joined IIT Kharagpur in 2001 in Electrical Engineering branch. Arunabh says:

Every sem I used to pick a career choice, in first semester I wanted to be an economist, in second sem I wanted to do an MBA, in third I thought I will be a coder and in fourth sem I thought I will join UPSC. Evey sem I used to change careers 

3 He quickly followed up by enrolling in a US Air Force project centered in Mumbai. It was a sickening experience causing him to quit.


Arunabh Kumar Nitesh Manav The viral Fever TVF Tomatoheart

4 After building prominent connections with creative think tanks in IIT Mumbai, his first stint at exploring his dreams came with the release of short film projects.



5 He hails from Muzaffarpur and describes his family as ‘television haters’ while crediting Doordarshan shows like Mulla Nasruddin, Mungerilal ke Haseen Sapne for inspiring him.


Tomatoheart -Arunabh Kumar
Arunabh in His Early College Days ( Picture Credit : Facebook Profile )

6 All the film projects paid off as Arunabh was selected to work alongside Farah Khan for the movie ‘Om Shanti Om’ as an assistant director. He even had a guest cameo.


Arunabh Kumar TVF in om shanti om Tomatoheart

As Arunabh says:

I consider Red Chillies Entertainment to be my film school and all these guys…Sharukh Khan, Farah Khan and all the technicians were my teachers…most of my media and film-making education happened with these guys and (I am) fortunate to work with these people

7 The next big project that awaited him was Amir Khan’s cult comedy ‘Delhi Belly’ which mounted his outreach in the Indian film industry.




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