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Hello guys, welcome to the “Tomatoheart Authors Program” . We are super excited to have you here. is a digital publishing platform which publishes the most awesome share-worthy saucy stories, news, and videos from all over the world. Why saucy? Because we have the heart of tomato! The saucy soul 🙂 , so we only prefer things that are interesting, lively, sassy, bold and humorously cheeky or forward. We just can’t tolerate dull, dumb, boring or  senseless stuff even if it’s trending or making news out there. Our readers are primarily from USA, Canada, and India.

Under the authors program, we provide opportunities to the young talented creative writers to brush up their charismatic writing skills and build their own brand to finally get the fame, money and exposure they deserve.

How do we do this? Let’s get into this short detail:

Be The Writer, Leave Rest On Us

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We have already set-up everything for you. So you don’t need to think about anything else except writing great contents. We pay for the domain name, Webhosting, Web development and design, Social Marketing and promotion etc. We have also set up the required URL Channel for Adsense Revenue sharing so that you can make some earnings too while writing contents here. Don’t forget that joining Tomatoheart is not as easy as start writing on Blogger, WordPress or Medium. There is a manual approval system to be part of this exclusive authors community and hence, you really need to possess some minimum qualification to get in here.

Author’s Branding & Exposure
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We have designed our website in a way that it gives optimum visibility and the maximum exposure to the authors of the stories. When you open any post on , you will see a small picture of the author with his/her name just below the title of the post.  Again, at the end of the post, we have designed a “full-width author box”, displaying authors’ intro as well as links to their own social networking sites ( Facebook profile, twitter handle etc.). authors program tomato heart-2There are many other ways by which we are promoting authors own brand not only on this site but also when articles are shared outside ( say on Facebook) . To get into the details of “Authors’ Branding & Exposure” click here.

Revenue Sharing Program

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We have started an “Adsense revenue sharing program” for our approved authors for the limited time which let them earn 55% of the ad revenue generated from the AdSense ads being displayed on their published posts. In this way, we portraying ourselves as:

youtube for content writers - tomatoheart

Similar to YouTube monetization/partners program, which is exclusively for video creators, our monetization program is for content creators. Not only this, in order to keep our authors motivated to write high-quality stuff, we also have a revenue booster deal. If you happen to be amongst the top 20% of the writers for any month, you will get 70% of the Adsense revenue in spite of the regular 55% share for that period of time. Isn’t it inciting? To know  more about the approval criteria and other terms related to the “Authors Revenue Sharing Program”, click here.

So, Don’t waste time thinking about creating a new blog and then trying to get the google Adsense approval. Be part of our brand and concentrate only on what you do the best. ie. writing contents.

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Here are few links to know more about our Authors Program:

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3. Ways to keep Tomatoheart authors account healthy and running.

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