How To Keep Tomatoheart Author Account Healthy

We only want quality content writers to be part of the Tomatoheart Authors Program and hence, we do the manual auditing of our authors’ work on a regular interval. Here are few guidelines for the content writers to maintain the healthiness of their author account on

 1. It needs minimum 10 approved posts per month to keep the authors account active.

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As you know, every author requires 10 successfully published post to be eligible for the “Tomatoheart Authors Program” but even after becoming an approved author, you need to publish at least 10 posts per month to maintain the active authors profile on our website. It means you need to write at least one post  every three days. We don’t think it’s a big challenge for any regular author.

2. Articles length should be minimum 500 words

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We accept almost all kinds of articles ( like stories, videos, photos, listicles etc.) for publishing but the minimum length of an article should be 500 words. Only if it’s a video submission, the words length can be minimum 300 words. Though there is no upper limit for the maximum number of words but it is recommended to be not more than 2000 words.

3. Not more than 3 posts a day.

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Though you can write as many posts as you want each day, but in general we only approve maximum three posts for publishing on any single day. Any other submitted post will be scheduled for the next day publishing. In this way, you can write up to 90 posts every month for our website. Please do remember that this is a general guideline and can be changed based on the personal ability and performance of an author after manual review.

4. Copyright strikes.

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All the articles written by content writers should be their original work. We take copyright infringement case very seriously and hence any proved allegations of copyright infringement will have the severe impact on the Authors account. If any part of your articles was found copied and it happened for the first time, you will get a warning notice from our side. If it happened again, your author account will be suspended for 3 months and if you repeated any copyright infringement case for the third time, your authors account will be suspended permanently. So, please be creative and original and do no copy-paste .

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