Meet Raghav Chandak, an Indian school going kid and a resident of Kolkata who scored precisely 95.8% mark in ICSE class X board exam by overcoming all the pain and difficulties caused by cancer. He was diagnosed with acute lymphoblastic leukaemia in April 2015, which made him unable to attend classes for most of the year. He had to spend one and a half month in the hospital for the diagnosis and after that, he had to for chemotherapy sessions for almost a week.

This-Raghav-Chandak-is-amazing-Fought-cancer-and-now-has-96percent-in-ISC-examination tomatoheartImage Source: NDTV

He managed to go school only for two months last year but still getting such a high percentage of mark is an incredible example of hard work and determination. Raghav gives this credit to his school and teachers who helped him by arranging special classes to guide him. “My cousin who also studies in the same class supplied all notes to me,” Raghav Chandak told PTI.

Read what his proud father Manoj Chandak has to say about this:

“He was in hospital for one-and-a-half months at a stretch. And then he had to go for about seven days each month to the hospital for chemotherapy which weakened his immune system but not the spirit to fight,”

He is a football fan and dreams to study computer science at IITs after finishing school. “I would not have been able to do this without everyone’s support – my parents, teachers, friends, cousin and our family doctor,” the 16-year old boy said.

So, what is stopping you in chasing your dreams?

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