Colours play a very important role in one’s life and ample amount of effect on one’s moods. There are some colours that will make you happy and some that will make you sad. The colours are divided into two groups- warm colours and cool colours. All these colours have different effects on an individual’s mind.

Here are some colours that can make you go from happy to sad or angry to joyful within seconds.



It is one of the most intense colours and it pumps up the adrenaline like no other colour. It is a good choice when you want to stir up excitement and that too at night. A room which has walls painted in this colour makes the stimulation of a conversation. The colour appears to be soft, rich and elegant.


It captures the joys of life and spreads the emotion of happiness. It is best suited for kitchens and dining rooms. The colour energises and uplifts the mood of the people around.


This colour is believed to be the best among all others. It signifies calmness, relaxation and serene atmosphere. The colour is often recommended for bedrooms and bathrooms. It cheers up the mood and looks pretty nice on the walls. Although it is suggested to go with this colour but one should use light shades of blue instead of opting for darker shades.


This colour is considered to be restful and pleasing to the eyes. This colour is suited for any room and looks nicer if combined with blue and yellow. It is believed that the colour cools down the things and helps in relieving stress.


This colour in its darkest shades is considered to be rich and sophisticated. The colour is associated with luxury and creativity. The lighter shades bring restful quality to one’s mind.


The colour itself sounds exciting. It evokes excitement and enthusiasm in an individual. It is an energetic colour and is good for one’s exercise room. It will help in bringing out the high-spirited emotions of the people.


It is considered to be an organic colour symbolising naturalness. The colour is connected to tradition, stability and antiquity.


The colour itself represents evil and bad feelings. The colour represents the emotions as if someone is commanding. It also represents the authoritative moods of an individual. The colour is mostly associated with strength and power. Although it is rarely used in bedrooms,  it is generally used in painting store rooms.



The colour symbolises purity and peace. The colour is often used as a background colour for many colours and it is the only colour which can be mixed with any other colour giving away its own. The colour also represents simplicity, innocence and reverence.


It is considered to be the most favourite colour among girls. It is soothing and cheers up the mood of an individual. It is mainly used in bedroom walls and that too, especially for children.


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