The present media person holds Assad and his regime to be responsible for the ongoing conflicts in the region. They blame him to be the one who has turned Syria into a war zone. Although the media doesn’t report the events that prove this narrative but these understated points reflect a new light on this conflict.


Here we have mentioned about 10 things about the ongoing conflict in Syria that the mainstream media never shows.


1. The main source for the conflict for the western media is a T- shirt shop in Coventry, England

You must have heard of the news by the media making a quote of an entity called the “Syrian Observatory for Human Rights”. This observatory has been run by a man living in Coventry in his house thousands of miles away from Syria. According to the media, his credentials include the ownership of a T- shirt shop and had been regarded as a rebel against the current Syrian president.

2. Leaked phone calls reveal Turkey supplies expensive medical care to ISIS fighters

Turkey has always supported the Islamists fighting in Syria. In fact, these jihadists believe that Turkey is the gateway to jihad. A report in 2016 started that Turkey has been providing ISIS fighters with expensive medical treatment.

3. Turkey, Saudi Arabia, and Qatar wanted a pipeline going through Syria but Assad rejected it

In 2009, Qatar planned to build a pipeline which was to run through Syria and Turkey so that it could export the Saudi gas. Assad rejected the proposal and instead made an agreement with Iran and Iraq to build a pipeline which provides gas to the European market thus removing Turkey, Saudi, and Qatar from the picture. Since then they have tried to fall Assad through various economic decisions. They have invested billions of dollars and have rented weapons and have smuggled fighters across their borders. This Iran- Iraq pipeline will strengthen the Iranian influence in the world market and will negotiate deals that will completely exclude US dollars.

4. ISIS arose out of the U.S. invasion of Iraq and not of the Syrian conflict

ISIS has been called as al- Qaeda in Iraq which rose and came into the picture after the US- UK invasion of Iraq in 2003. It is well-known that there was no al-Qaeda before the invasion and was formed after due for a reason. When Paul Bremer was selected as for the Presidential Envoy to Iraq in 2003, he dissolved the police and the military powers. He fired many servicemen which included high ranking military officials who fought in the war. And now these officials hold senior positions within ISIS. If it wasn’t for US actions, ISIS wouldn’t have likely existed.

5. The former Apple CEO is the son of a Syrian refugee

The late Steve Jobs was the son of a Syrian who has moved to the States in the 1950s. This is particularly very amusing given the current amount of racism and hatred.

6. Iran and Syria have a defense agreement

The defense agreement between Iran and Syria was signed in 2005 by the mutual decision of both the countries. The Iranian government has been fully faithful and have given full support to the Syrian regime. The worst part is that Russia and China have sided with Iran and Syria stating that they won’t tolerate any attacks on Iran.

7. Fall of the Syrian administration was a part of the plan adopted shortly after 9/11

According to a memo which was revealed by 4-star General Wesley Clark, the Pentagon adopted a plan to dissolve the governments of seven countries within a span of 5 years. As Iran was invaded in 2003 and American ally Israel tried to take out Lebanon in 2006. Libya was destroyed in 2011 prior to the war Libya had the highest standard of living in Africa. But later on, it drooped immensely. U.S. drones fly over Somalia and its troops are stationed in South Sudan and thus since then Syria has become the war zone in the world.

8. Assad never uses chemical weapons on his own people

An investigation done by the U.N. in early 2013 proved that Assad never uses any chemical weapons on his own men. A subsequent report in August 2013 has put the blame on Assad’s forces. In December 2013 a journalist released an article saying that the matter was mishandled.

9. The “moderate” opposition has been stolen

There is no such thing as “moderate” prevalent in Syria anymore. The so-called Western-backed Free Syrian Army had been subjugated by the extremists for centuries. The U.S. has known it since then and has continued supporting them despite the fact that the most of the weapons land in the hands of the jihadists.

10. Bashar al-Assad has a higher approval rate than Barack Obama

Despite the facts that Obama has claimed Assad to be illegitimate and has told him to step down, the fact that remains is that Assad has the support of the majority of his people. The elections of 2014 which were won by Assad by a landslide with the International Observers said that although Assad has been accused of destroying the human rights violations but he continues to remain a popular figure among his Syrian people.

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Featured Image Courtesy: Newyorker

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