With modernity being as modern as ever, and dating apps and hook up culture being ever prevalent, a lot of articles and think pieces accuse the younger generation of being ‘promiscuous’. Supposedly, this generation is very much prone to sexually transmitted infections and suffers from a lack of true romance.




Bitching about the younger generation has been an age-old pastime, but the idea of a more sexually active generation is rather reasonable. The online dating is supposed to make it easier for this generation to find partners, which in turn gives rise to various speculation about the damage sex could do to them. But, thanks to the scientists, they only believe in evidence.



Twenge used the ‘general social survey’ to question about sexual partners on turning 18 from a large geographically and racially representative American audience. Turns out, those born in the late 1980s and early 1990s reported having no sexual partners.

15% of those born in the early 90s had no sexual partners since turning 18, as compared to the 6% of those born 30 years before them.

Co-author Dr. Ryne Sherman, Florida Atlantic University, gives a number of reasons for the sexual inactivity of the target generation.

Technology keeps people engrossed in itself so much so that they interact less in person and thus have less sex.
Apparently, this generation is very much safety conscious which affects their sexual choices too.


The rise of individualism makes this generation rather permissive.


Other studies have also shown a decline in the sexual activities of American teens and even those who have sex do not necessarily have more partners than the previous generation.

Now that those allegations of being reckless have been proved baseless, all of us 90s born should give some serious thoughts to dating. 😉

Let there be dates!


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