Luxurious trains are the best option available when anyone wants to travel the world and the most beautiful places in it. They promise to deliver the most exciting, unforgettable journey across the world’s most famous tourist places with a baggage of memories. All you need to do is to empty your life’s savings and live your life like kings and queens with all the world class facilities. Or maybe you need to be born in a heap of riches.

luxurious trains

Although the list ain’t too long but here we have mentioned about 15 luxurious trains in the world (Not according to the price of the tickets). If you are an average Indian, don’t waste your energy and time to calculate the expenses in rupees.

So here goes the list:

1Venice Simplon Orient Express

It is one of the most reliable trains all over the world which travels from Paris to Istanbul on a span of 6 days. The design and look of this train will take the passenger to 1920’s. The food available is great and the quality is famous all over the world. It also has inside shops for its passengers.

Cost: $1000- $1400 per person per day

2Maharaja Express

It is one of the most expensive trains in the world. This train has been awarded as world’s leading luxury train in 2012. This rail is best for people who want to explore the culture and beauty of India. The accommodation of this rail is almost 88 passengers.

Cost: $6840 per person per journey

3Eastern & Oriental Express

This train delivers an astounding landscape of many different places like Singapore, Malaysia, and Thailand. It offers a special journey, especially for New Year celebration. The compartments are made up of all the luxuries for the passengers and have two hotels in it with expert chefs.

Cost: Starting $2560 per person

4Golden Eagle Trans-Siberian Express

This expensive train runs in Russia. It provides the best service to visit the beauty of Siberia. It was started in 2007 and is the main attraction for tourists visiting the place. It provides various types of entertainment for the people that are onboard.

Cost: More than $15000 per person (double occupancy)

5Rocky Mountaineer

This is the best train for people who want to explore the culture and beauty of Canada. It offers the passengers 12 days journey to the natural beauty of Canada. It offers four types of services like Gold Leaf, Silver leaf, red leaf and Whistler service.

Cost: $2,827- $5,552 per person per day

6The Ghan

It is the luxurious train that runs in Australia. This luxury train travels through Adelaide all the way to the Darwin. The passengers enjoy their heart and soul while discovering the secrets of Australia.

Cost: $700- $2000 per person

7Palace on Wheels

Palace on wheels is the first Indian train to provide hotel service in a train. Since 1982, the train has been constantly gaining popularity in the world. A week long journey on train offers the passengers to explore the best sites in the country along with world class amenities and best Indian delicious.

Cost: $410- $800 per person per day

8Rovos Rail pride of Africa

Rovos Rail’s is the Pride of Africa and offers an old-world elegance to its passengers. The train is fully equipped with unique things which help in giving its passengers a great experience.

Cost: 13,600 rand- 27,200 rand per day per person (double occupancy)

9Royal Scotsman

It is a standout train and one of our favorites in the world. With just 36 passengers seats it’s great for those who wish for a more intimate and luxury setting. You can experience five-star dining, wine-pairing, and superior service while you are onboard.

Cost: $1700- $2000 per person per day

10Blue Train

Also known as the “magnificent moving five-star hotel, The Blue Train is one of the luxurious trains in the world and runs eight times a month between Pretoria and Cape Town.

Cost: $1217 per person per day

11Indian Pacific

This train gets its name from these two oceans and mainly runs between the two oceans, Indian Ocean, and the Pacific Ocean since 1970.  It is not only one of the most luxurious trains but also covers longest journeys as well. It takes 4 days and 3 nights for completing one journey and runs either way.

Cost: $1198 per person per day

12Royal Canadian Pacific

The Royal Canadian Pacific is an overnight luxury passenger train. It owns its special own engine and has 10 coaches.

Cost: CAN $55,000 per day

13Royal Rajasthan on Wheels

This Indian luxury train started its journey from December 2009.  Royal Rajasthan on Wheels takes the guests on a regal ride of destinations in Rajasthan. This train comprises of 22 coaches and carries 82 passengers in one journey.

Cost: $6300-$9450

14The Chepe, Mexico

This superb railroad journey of the Chepe, on the most spectacular route of the world, takes its guests across the natural landscapes. The Chepe has 2 classes, namely, Primera Express (First Class) and Clase Económica (Economy Class).

Cost: Economy class- $265- $1442, First class- $420- $2288

15The Belmond Grand Hibernian

This luxurious train operates in Ireland. It is being built in Ireland to begin operation summer, 2016. It will accommodate 40 persons in 20 cabins.

Cost: Pound 2,669-Pound 7,722

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