It has been proved that not all plants expel out good stuff.  Some may release more carbon dioxide or eject poisonous juices that may cause allergies (if unattended may cause death). Pollen grains can become a cause of early age asthma for the children.  Some plant parts if ingested by infants may cause choking resulting in their untimely deaths. Some trees grow so big yet unstable by their roots that the danger prevails of getting crushed underneath their weight.


Here we list down 10 plants you should not plant inside your yards!!

1Mulberry Tree

Although some trees are recognised for their soft weak root system, the Mulberry tree is completely different. The reason for not planting this tree in your backyard is because it is known to produce impressive amounts of pollen and in turn attracts a lot of insects.


One of the trees you should avoid planting in your yard is certainly cottonwood. Although it has an aesthetic pleasant appearance and requires low maintenance but is fairly brittle and can be damaged by insects. The last thing you would want is the tree falling off on your roof after a very heavy storm!!

3Bradford Pear

The reason you should never plant a Bradford Pear tree in your home is because it has a pyramidal shape which makes it very fragile. The branches tend to break during storms just like the cottonwood.

4Mimosa Tree

Like the two trees above, the mimosa tree is also famous for its extremely fragile wood. This plant is known to attract worms. Apart from this, it produces large seeds which tend to germinate very quickly.

5Black Walnut

It is one of the most valuable and beautiful native trees of America.  Black walnuts produce a lot of pollens and its hard flesh-covered seeds that may just drive you crazy when they fall in your garden. It also produces toxins which are harmful to other plants.

6Ginkgo Biloba

The Ginkgo Biloba tree has been used for centuries now in traditional Chinese medicines. Although known for its therapeutic properties the tree sometimes grows up to 80 feet in height and can be difficult to handle once it falls on the ground.

7Weeping Willow


This tree is also known as the Golden Weeping Willow. It stands out for its very long and slender branches which sometimes look as if it is crying. It becomes difficult as its height goes up to 100 feet and its roots are difficult to drive out from the soil.



This plant is famous for its medical qualities and the strong scent which is liked by many people. But this plant needs lot of maintenance and is considered to be one of the fastest growing plants on earth!!

9White Pine


Although this plant does not reach surprising heights like other trees but the only problem is that it is tremendously sensitive and thus it requires a lot of maintenance. It also attracts a lot of pests and quickly dies in cold weather.

10Honey Locust

Last but not least in the list is the Honey Locust tree. The problem with this plant is that it is often attacked by the honey locust bugs in the springs and its height goes up to 70 feet which make it difficult to handle.

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