If you’re going to be roaming the sidewalks and parks in your quest to hunt Pokemon, you might wear some shoes that will help you get the job done.

The idea behind these sneakers was created by a New York based startup company, Vixole. Thus Vixole is combining footwear with technology to create these sneakers. The company works on “smart sneakers” which are embedded with LED displays and sensors.

These smart sneakers called ‘Matrix’ helps the game players to catch Pokémon very easily. The company is describing these sneakers as “e- sneakers”. It is done to make your gaming experience good and easy for the players.


The sneakers are sync with the game’s app and send notifications to the user about the Pokémon’s which are nearby to the player. It also displays the figures of the Pokémon on the sneakers and also gives the location of the same to the people playing the game.


Vixole’s website described the sneakers as being controlled by a mobile app that allows you to control what images appear on a panel on the back of the shoes. The makers also claim that the speakers are water resistant and have the ability to be recharged via a wireless charging station, with one charge delivering eight hours of power.


Thus based on those features, it’s easy to see how a Pokémon Go version of the sneakers might work to help a user play the game led by their feet. In concept, the sneakers would vibrate when a Pokémon appears nearby and work along with the map to guide you to the location.

Not available to the public yet, the Vixole Matrix will go live on Kickstarter this September. According to Tech Insider, the model will come in three colorways those being white, tan, and black. You can find out more about these tech shoes on their official website. The early bird price of the sneakers would be roughly $200.


Let’s see how this version of the game turns out to be ,  after the already prevailing phenomena.



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