Are you feeling the pangs of your recent breakup? Do you find it hard to get over your ex? The reason may be the relationship memorabilia which you still cling on to. While it may be hard for you to throw away the stuff which reminds you of your ex, but clinging on to it surely aggravates your struggle to get over your ex. The Museum Of Broken Relationships is a novel museum where you can donate such items and get over the sinking feeling of a breakup.

How it Started?

The Museum of Broken Relationships began in the year 2006 as a traveling exhibit after two artists, who were lovers, broke up. They both pondered over a way to transform their emotional collapse into a unique creation. In the year 2010, this traveling museum settled in Zagreb, Croatia.

The Fame

in 2011, the museum won the Kenneth Hudson Award for Europe’s most innovative museum and consequently the museum went international. In 2016, the museum opened a branch in Los Angeles and it became an instant hit.

How does it help?

Both patrons and donators have praised the museum for providing them a portal to vent out their emotions after their breakups. Also, some people have found the museum to be the perfect location for putting their failed relationships to an end.

The Exhibits

Here are some of the exhibits in the museum which gained immense popularity on the social media. Each item has a certain degree of emotions attached to it which the donators have vented out with the attached messages.






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The museum has gained immense popularity with the youth. This unique idea has attracted a great number of donators already. But is it really the ultimate medium to get over a broken relationship?

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