We all know Riteish Deshmukh. He is an Indian film actor, architect, and producer. He is the son of the late ex-politician, Vilasrao Deshmukh. We also know him as Genelia’s husband.

Ritesh Dekhmukh

Riteish Deshmukh is a devoted husband and a loving father. He has proved this too many times that he unquestionably adores his wife and son.

But let us give you some reasons why he’s the best husband.

1The way he wished his wife on her birthday is beyond adorable

2He values Genelia

He said he was lucky to have her.

3He knows how to swipe her off her feet

That sweet little frame with a picture of the family. Could it get any better for Genelia?

4Appreciation is the key to a women’s heart and Riteish knows that

“She is my flag-bearer. I draw unconditional support and love from her. Genelia’s love holds me together and to understand her love is something else. It is amazing.” quotes the Housefull 3 star.

5He sorts things out

“We hardly fight. We have differences of opinion. I goof up most of the time but we never yell at each other. I am usually the one to make up first. To make up with a girl is an ever-evolving process!” quoted Riteish

Who doesn’t want a husband like this?

6He lets her make her own choices

“Agar yeh kaam nahi karegi toh ghar kaise chalega? (laughs) Every decision that’s been made has been hers, but Genelia has always been gracious enough to discuss it with me. So whether she wants to work in films or not is up to her. Whatever she decides is okay with me” Said Riteish during an interview.


7He takes care of her

On the monkey wedding ( Karan Singh Grover and Bipasha Basu ), we found something cuter than the actual couple. Riteish was feeding the would be mommy. It seems like pregnant Genelia was craving for something sweet and that is when Riteish jumped in and fed her a piece of the famous “Monkey cake”.


8He still holds her hands

The couple has been committed for 14 years now and still are known as Bollywood’s lovebirds.

“It’s like if I step out, I will look for her hand. It’s a rarity that I will be walking with her without holding her hand.” quotes the Doting husband.

In the time where break-ups are like the trend around, this couple that has stood by each other for more than a decade now. Their journey is from young lovers to a beautiful matured married couple.

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