Sharam aa rahi hai na? ( Aren’t you feeling ashamed? ) – This is an inspiring opening line of the inspiring poem by Prasoon Joshi where he  puts to shame the people in India who regret a girl’s birth. P V Sindhu, Sakshi Malik, and Dipa Karmakar  are the Indian Women who earned laurels to India by the dint of their hard work and spectacular performances in the Rio Olympics 2016.

His tribute to girls is a tight slap on the face of the male chauvinists who believe in shackling the aspirations of a girl in the chains of orthodox beliefs and cultures.




Through his poem, he glorifies the achievements of girls who manage to wade through the obstacles posed by the patriarchal society and earn accolades for their country. Owing to the hard work of its daughters, India was able to end the medal drought in the Rio Olympics 2016.

It is high time the condescending behavior of the male chauvinists should be smashed. Let us all strive to build an equalitarian society and to become valuable citizens of our country.


Watch Prasoon Joshi’s powerful recitation of the poem here

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