Our Indian girl, Sakshi Malik has broken the dry spell in Rio Olympics by winning the first medal for India. Sakshi Malik won the Bronze medal in the freestyle wrestling in Rio today. She competed with Aisuluu Tynybekova from Kyrgyzstan in the 58 kg weight category in the freestyle wrestling event.

She has become first among the Indian group of 119 sports players to win a medal. Her family members are elated and are proud of her achievement. Sakshi’s parents wish to decorate the whole city of Rohtak, to welcome the Bronze winner home.

Rio de Janeiro: India's Sakshi Malik poses with her bronze medal for the women's wrestling freestyle 58-kg competition during the medals ceremony at the 2016 Summer Olympics in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, Wednesday. PTI Photo by Atul Yadav(PTI8_18_2016_000010A)



Here we have listed top 10 interesting facts about Sakshi Malik:

1. Sakshi hails from Rohtak, Haryana.

Sakshi Malik hails from the city of Rohtak of the Haryana. This state is infamous for the lowest sex ratio in the whole nation, but Sakshi Malik proved that girls can bring laurels too, if they are given a good platform. It is so difficult to follow one’s passion in such a society where girls are not even allowed to live and breathe freely. But, Sakshi defied all these odds and fulfilled her dreams.


2.  Sakshi Is Only 23 Years Old.

Yes, you read it right, Sakshi Malik is only 23 years old. She won the Olympic medal at such a young age. At this age usually people are confused about their life goals, but Sakshi Malik was already clear about goals and achieved them too.




3. She has won Bronze Medal in Junior World Championship.

No, this is not Sakshi Malik’s first ever international medal, this Indian girl has made us proud in 2010 too. She won the Bronze medal in the freestyle wrestling under the 58 kg category. This was the first time she tasted success on an international level.




4. Malik Clinched Bronze At The Commonwealth Championship

 Sakshi received wide- spread international recognition when she won the bronze medal at the Commonwealth championship. She added the medal to her achievements in the year 2013, in Johannesburg.



In the year 2014, Sakshi Malik got her hands on her first gold medal. She competed under the weight category of 60 kg in the freestyle wrestling in two years back ,at the Dave Schultz International Tournament.

 5. Sakshi Malik Won Her First Gold At Dave Schultz International Tournament.

In the year 2014, Sakshi Malik got her hands on her first gold medal. She competed under the weight category of 60 kg in the freestyle wrestling in two years back ,at the Dave Schultz International Tournament.

Sakshi Malik: Seven interesting facts about India's first Rio medalist


6. Her Favourite Food is Aaloo Parantha and Kadhi Chawal.

Our Olympic medal winner loves to eat Aaloo Parantha and Kadhi Chawal. But she has not eaten her favorite food since a very time, owing to her strict diet. She has to do so keep her weight under check as she competes in weight-sensitive sports.


7. Sakshi Wants To Lead A Simple Life.


Sakshi Malik does not wish for a regal or luxurious life, rather what she desires is a simple life. She is not attracted to the rich lifestyle, as she finds happiness in simplicity and not in grandeur. She revealed this in an interview.


8. Sakshi Started Training At The Tender Age Of 12.

Sakshi has so many international and national achievements in her name because she started training at a very young age. She started training for wrestling at the tender age of 12. Her first coach was ‘Ishwar Dahiya’.

9. She is an Indian Railways Employee.

Sakshi Malik is employed by Indian Railways. She is currently posted in the commercial department of the Northern Railway, in the Capital Delhi. She has also been promoted today, to felicitate her winning of the Bronze medal in Rio Olympics.

 10. Her Next Target Is the Tokyo Olympics 2020.

Sakshi Malik has already set her eyes on the next Olympics. She plans to win medals in the Olympics 2020, which will be held in Tokyo. She has already started intensively training for her target of Tokyo Olympics 2020.


Dear Sakshi Malik, you deserve all the love and respect for you have made our motherland India proud at such a prestigious games event. May you achieve all your dreams and continue making India proud.

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