What is friendship?  Friendship is a bond created when you meet a stranger inside your radar. Our radar is defined as the scope in which you detect other strangers. The instant bond and vibe that is created are what cause friendship to be formed. It is the one that is there to support you when you are sad and the bond that is there to share your happiness. It is the bond that interlinks two different lives together into one.

There are some bonds that will make you chuckle like a kid whenever you think of your best friend. The kind that makes you feels that you are alive. The bond that is shared makes you both each other key components in each other’s lives.

But friendship isn’t defined by how often you see each other or how often you talk to him or her. Yeah, I know these are the key components that help in building friendships. Once in a while, you come across a person with whom you have an immediate connection. These are people we run into unexpectedly, and they make our day better.

However, certain circumstances can test the relationships you have with those people. Like, when you both graduate, from school, one of you migrates to some place in the country or another country. Bidding goodbye to them is the hardest thing to do.



Why is long distance hard?

Long distance can be hard, very hard. Sometimes it can become complicated. Like, long distance relationship, long distance friendship also takes some patience and efforts .

1. Keeping a friendship alive is a two-way street and involves commitment, particularly when “Mr. busy schedule” gets in the way. We don’t get to see them every day.

2. We don’t know how they’re doing, or about the new friends they are making, or what adventures they’re doing. Not knowing all the stuff that’s happening in their life is disturbing because we are not used to it.

3. You can’t call them at odd times because they must be busy in their classes or in some work, can’t talk like you earlier used to, can’t hang out together and do the thing that makes you happy, no longer can share the landscape, images, and routines of daily life.

4. You go through many changes in your behavior and expect them to accept you as you are as now.

5. Knowing that they have gone to gain new opportunities and success, you still feel bad and nervous. Sometimes you miss them so much that you start doing things they like or they used to do.

Distance isn’t an obstacle if you don’t allow it to be.

Why is Long distance friendship the best?

But, these connections are heartfelt connections, in other words, you just vibe. Even though your best friend is miles away, you can still nurture a connection and share a love for one another. You know that no matter what happens, how many new friends they make, the bond you share will remain the same (Obviously! It can grow)

Distance helps in making your bond stronger. Why ? 

Because you really try and put efforts into staying in each other’s life. You both find each other hilarious and interesting, and your online conversations are often even better than the face-to-face conversations you have with your local friends. Sometimes your long-distance friend only has to send you an emoji and you will start laughing. While they may not live near you, but he/she always has your back. From relationships ending, to troubles at work, they are always willing to listen to you vent about the people who have upset you. They are like a medicine for you.


These are people you go days or months without speaking to. It’s never awkward when you pick up the phone to call or when you reunite face-to-face. So, when you finally meet them, all the problems and difficulties disappears.

“You should remember that memories you both have are enough for your friendship. You should accept that change is inevitable. Don’t force them to stay in touch to freeze your friendships. The distance between you both actually gives you an opportunity to freshen your relationship with new experiences and shared talks. Closeness has nothing to do with distance. So, long distance friendship is best.”

A little note for my best friend – I know you had to leave to achieve your goals and to build a great future ahead. Though you are away, we will remain friends forever.

Do you have a long-distance friendship? Share this with your long-distance friend and see what they think!

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