Trees,we always say that we should plant trees to improve the environmental condition of our country. But have we ever thought about the appropriate number of trees that should be planted by us? What can be the exact number of trees which will be able to save this polluted earth? A very difficult question. But it seems that Uttar Pradesh does have an answer for us.


The Magical Number

50 Million! Yes, the magical numbers are 50 million. Uttar Pradesh, a state of India has smashed all world records by planting 50 million trees in the span of 24 hours. Over 800,000 people volunteered to save the country from adverse climate changes.

The Day when Allahabad made a World Record

On the 11th of July, volunteers planted 50 million trees in Allahabad, India. Though this achievement is yet to be certified by the Guinness World Records, but it has been reported that the citizens of Allahabad had planted an astronomical 49.3 million  tree saplings. Allahabad has blown away almost all past records of tree plantation in a single day.


What is the Paris Climate Conference?

This effort is part of the commitment,that was made by India in December 2015 at the Paris Climate Conference.  On Earth Day 2016 India had agreed to spend $6 billion to reforest 12 percent of its land.


Why should we plant Trees?

Trees take in carbon dioxide from the air, and thus reduces the greenhouse gasses present in the air.  India has suffered a lot of  loss of its forest cover , as people has cut down a lot of trees for pasture, food, firewood and development. Now the time has arrived for them to make up for their loss , and start planting new trees.

What are other countries doing?


Other countries are also not lagging behind. In December Africa has promised to reforest  100 million hectares. Many countries have also signed up non-binding New York Declaration Forests, with the aim of  decreasing the problem of deforestation,and also has resolved to bring it to an end by 2030.

The Journey is Long

It is still a long way to the path of eradication of deforestation. The young trees are still not out of the woods. The saplings require water and care and are very open to diseases. We need to take good care of these saplings so that they can slowly develop into full grown trees.



The World has at last reached realization

“The world has realized that serious efforts are needed to reduce carbon emissions to mitigate the effects of global climate change,” Uttar Pradesh Chief Minister Akhilesh Yadav said at an event promoting the planting. Officials also hope that the trees will improve the quality of air in India. Trees will also help to remove some pollutants from the air.


“The biggest contribution of this tree planting project is, apart from the tokenism, that it focuses on the major issues,” Anit Mukherjee, the policy fellow with the Centre for Global Development told the Telegraph.”It addresses many of the big issues for India: pollution, deforestation, and land use.


It is really hoped that the awakening that has occurred will continue, and will  make the earth a greener and a better place to live in.


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