The society we live in appears to be so nice and helpful. They are always so interested and curious about other people’s matter. Especially if the person is a girl they are standing ready with a list of suggestions and advises. SccopWhoop’s new video very nicely offers a reply to all the nosy and judgemental people of this society.


Nosy and judgemental good Souls

In the 21st century when people are busy making their own careers, girls still have to face the interference and judgments of this society. A successful careeristic  woman is advised to learn cooking so that she can make her husband happy. Not knowing how to wear a sari is considered to be such a huge crime by some of the good souls of this society.


A girl is expected to talk to a so called lady like manner. Even if a woman is successful and well established the first question that she is asked is when will she get married.

Being Independent is not a crime

An independent adult woman is advised to drink responsibly. Funnily a girl who can very well look after her drunk self still has to listen to these free advises.

Femininity is not a physical attribute

Being sexually active and expressing it honestly in public by a girl,seems to embarrass, people around her. Why is a woman always questioned about her femininity, if she fails to follow the preconceived  attributes of being a woman?A woman’s femininity comes into question if she can drive well .

In the 21st century when women are making their mark in every sphere of the society, the society still dares to annoy them with questions.


They even are eager to come up  with free suggestions for us on how to live our life.


These continuous interference tend to make the modern women annoyed and frustrated. An Independent woman really doesn’t need these free advises from the society. They are self-sufficient to hold their own in life.


Sarcasm at its best

The latest ScoopWhoop video is sarcasm at its best, as it offers the modern women ways to deal with this nosy society.  Women are advised to deal with this nosy judgemental society with patience, a tinge of sarcasm and an I don’t give a fuck attitude.

If you are also one of them who is sick and tired of the annoying things you have to hear everyday do watch this video.


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