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There is something which I would like to share with you guys.  Today I was searching something on Google and while searching I just read,

” Living without a face ;  the gruesome reality of acid violence in India”.

After reading that article I was like how humans can be so cruel towards each other. While I was reading about them I came across with one incident that really touched my soul, that was

” Before this, I was extremely shy, but I don’t have that luxury anymore”,  said by 20 yr old Lalita Benbansi.

This lady has to undergo surgery on her nose due to acid attack by two men, one was her cousin and another was some unknown person. These two men approached her, tackled her to the ground and poured acid on her face.  This entire incident left a question in my mind that how can our own family members can do this?  and reason behind this incident was a stupid quarrel between the family people.

Acid attack not only paralyzes a person physically but mentally too.  But it is said every soul is different .  I know these stories do leave me speechless but such stories do inspire me.

Such stories make me positive and I become more  positive when I read about such people who are still  living their lives happily , they are getting married and most importantly,  society is accepting them with great love and affection which is extremely great.

I get inspire from such people and respect those who actually don’t believe in judging people on the basis of features , color.  Now that’s what you call beauty.

Trust me guys beauty lies within.  A person is only beautiful if he/she is born with a golden heart.  Physical beauty will remain there until the time you are young but inner beauty will stay inside the person until the time he /she is living.

So girls and boys out there,  whenever you feel that you are no more handsome like Brad Pitt or nor more beautiful like Angelina Jolie.

Just remember:
You are beautiful from inside and that is all matters,  not the judgment.

Just accept yourself and love yourself the way you are,  as everyone is unique in itself.

Get inspired by the acid attack people stories.

Beauty isn’t about having a pretty face,  it’s about having a pretty mind , a pretty heart and pretty soul.

Love yourself

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