Monsoon has arrived in India. With it has arrived the confusion that every Indian faces during the monsoon. Do we make love with monsoon or do we hate the dirt and water loggings?

The Viral Fever Team has given a new dimension to the saavan of India. Mind it’s not the app but the weather that mostly prevails in India. TVF CoCan studio has recreated one of the most popular songs “In the End” which was originally sung by Linkin Park. The video of the song has also drawn humorous parallels from the song of the film Lagaan.

They are surely winning a huge number of hearts just by recreating two different songs from different genres and giving them an original touch.

What does the song say?

The song tells the story of you and me. Monsoon may appear very romantic from the window of our home, but when we have to step out into a puddle of water, then every romanticism vanishes into thin air. The climate status of different parts of the world has been very interestingly portrayed in the video. The ever complaining Indians are disgusted with the hot tropical summers, but when the monsoon appears, their relief now sadly turns into irritation. Monsoon brings with it, all the excuses that we give to stay at home on a rainy day. The importance of an umbrella during the monsoon has been very well established through the video.

We tend to have a love-hate relationship with rain. It does disrupt our daily routine, but the drops of rain also bring with it enjoyment, frolic and a carefree happiness. Follow the link to watch this new version of saavan.


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