It was yesterday when Sushmita Sen, a former Miss Universe and a proud mother won millions of hearts with an emotional letter  that she shared on her Instagram  profile. She had written this heart-touching letter to her daughter Renée in 2013 when she was leaving for boarding school.Sushmita is an obedient mother of two adopted girls Renee (16) and Alisah (5), and we are tremendously glad for her. Look at the inspiring card. It is brimming with motivating words and pieces of guidance that each girl ought to peruse. Sushmita said she just shared the letter at the command of Renee, and conceded that she came up short on pages while pouring the insight for her sweetheart little girl.

Sushmita Sen Letter to Her daughter Renee Tomatoheart

While sharing this card, she writes:

“???? we #mothers can really run out of #pages when #writing to our #children ????❤️ this card was given to #renée as she began her journey in a #boardingschool #2013 she says..either allow me to join #instagram or post it on yours???? #sharing #loveletter #daughterschoice ????????❤️ “

Mind the kisses, hearts, and smilies inserted in this message. These all shows the kind of positivity and heartfulness she possesses within her for her darling daughter.

Before going any further. Let’s first read this beautiful letter:

MY Darling Renée,
You are born to God’s great design,
you are born from your mother’s heart,
you are here to fulfill your destiny!!
Arm yourself with knowledge… it will be your greatest strength one day!
Carve your own way… CHOOSE not to drift along.
Nurture friendships, honor your word.
Respect your teachers, request their help.
Remember your dreams… Do one thing every day that scares you!
The only way to go beyond things is to go through them…
Demand nothing.
Never give up!!
Have faith in your abilities & God’s grace.
Be AWARE of Courage and you will always find it.
Take chances… they will help your grow.
Always wait your turn.
Know when to apologize… what can bend… never breaks!
Make new mistakes… try not to repeat the old ones.
Your baby sister & I love you beyond loving & want nothing more than to see you happy…
And finally, I want to know the minute we go beyond “New Zealand” and “Belgium” to another country!!


I AM sooooo proud of you!!
It’s time to let the world know just how amazing you are!!

Just a couple days back, Sushmita’s inspiring speech at her little girl’s annual’s day in school where she roused everybody to take after the “yellow brick road” left us in wonder. Furthermore, now her letter is making us enormously passionate. Her reality appears to be finished with such a great amount of adoration in her affectionate family. We saw a look at it in the photos she shared amid her bold scuba jumping trip with her little girls as of late.

Sushmita Sen Letter to Her daughter Renee Tomatoheart-2

and this is the inspiring speech that she delivered during her daughter’s Annual’s Day at school;

See some more pictures of this happy family:

Sushmita Sen Letter to Her daughter Renee Tomatoheart-4

Sushmita Sen Letter to Her daughter Renee Tomatoheart-3
We wish all the awesomeness of life for this family. If you like this story, don’t hesitate to share it with your friends and family.

Note: All the images posted under this article are grabbed for the official Instagram account of Sushmita Sen. You can follow her on Instagram through this link.


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