Getting a compliment of “Cute Baby” when you are actually a BABY makes you smile. But when you hear the same compliment in your adolescence, it is bizarre. People who are grown ups but still have a baby face have to undergo many struggles. When older people offer, “You’ll appreciate it when you’re 40!” it offers little consolation but still majority reasons are not in the favor.

Here are 13 struggles of looking 13 when you actually are 21:

1You need to carry your ID Proof Everywhere


Whether to get an entry in a bar or for an ‘A’ rated movie, your face never supports you. Instead, it is the ID Proof which convinces them. It is one of the most used belonging you carry with yourself.

2 Justify age

don't justify tomatoheart


You are used to the question – What ?Are you really this old ? But you still seem like a kid to me. What magic face cream do you use that makes you look so youthful ?

3Your Clothes

padded bra cloths tomatoheartFor girls, the problem is all the more. Even if you put on a lot of make-up, wear padded bras but somehow your outfits won’t make you look the same age you are.

4Buying Cigarettes or Liquor

It is a hard task to convince that you are not a minor and are eligible for smoking and getting drunk. But still, sometimes you have to take help of your friend for buying them.

5Buying a room in a hotel

baby face

You are asked several times if your parents are with you as well. They doubt whether you are capable of sleeping alone in a strange room.

6Dating someone


It is awful when you are dating someone of your age but you can’t even remember how many times you have been asked, “Why are you dating someone who is so older than you”?

7At workplace

baby face

You are always treated as an intern even after you have spent a couple of years in the office. Interns consider you as their buddy till you don’t clarify them about your position.

8Tattoos And Piercing


Older generation gives you fierce stares when they look at your piercings and tattoos over your body. They consider you as too young for getting the paintings on your body.

9Heels are your favorite shoes

baby face

You wear heels to make yourself a bit taller than you are. You believe your height will favor you and make people ignore your blemishless face. Also sometimes sneakers or flats do not let you go on roller coasters as you are not able to reach the height limit for riders.

10For guys, facial hair is must

facial hair tomato heartYou do not shave for weeks coz that small amount of upper lip growth becomes the proof of your age. But if you are as hairless as a seal, it becomes tedious to explain to people that you have already hit puberty.

11Books you read while traveling

You have to be careful about the book you carry while you are in public transports. Having that innocent looking face and carrying Fifty shades of Grey or Lolita is sure to raise many eyebrows on you.

12Younger sibling


You are often mistaken as the younger one even if your brother/sister is many years younger than you. He is given the preference of all the responsibilities as you are still considered the irresponsible brat.

13Kids meal


You are even made fun amongst your peer group and are used for getting all the student discounts. Also sometimes you are useful in getting the kids meal.

Well, many of you would be able to relate to this. You might curse yourself for being in this situation but your baby face is surely going to help when you are in the older age group.

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