Sushma Swaraj has once again won our hearts by stepping in to help a common man get his wife’s passport.

Imagine that you lose your password two days before one of the most awaited trips of your life – post marriage honeymoon. Delhi-based Faizan Patel lost his wife, Sana’s  password 2 days before their honeymoon to Europe. In spite of sitting and crying about it, he did not cancel the trip but rather planned to go for it alone (Something like Kangna Ranaut in Queen) Faizan posted few tweets using the social networking site – Twitter and tagged Sushma Swaraj in it. He had no clue that this problem would be heard as well as would be responded in the nick of time.

His first few tweets were in series about the lost passport to bring the plight in open were as follows-

Just two days before our trip, my wife’s passport goes missing!!!

Seems like I am travelling alone tonight via @TurkishAirlines. My wife has her passport misplaced. Fingers crossed that we find it soon.

— Faizan Patel (@faizanpatel) August 6, 2016

In the next tweet, he posted a picture where his wife bids him farewell alone for their honeymoon



After a series of desperate tweets, Faizan posted a picture about traveling solo and with his wife’s photo on the next seat to him in the flight. He also tagged Swashma Swaraj and Ministry of external affairs in the following tweet.



When Faizan posted the heart-wrenching photo, the parliament was busy with the  GST bill. After Sushma Swaraj got free she checked her timeline.

Sushma replied to his tweet and ensured him that she will let this be possible that his wife is with him on the honeymoon.




The couple couldn’t be happier and tweeted to thank Sushma Swaraj for her help.




Sushma Swaraj has always shown her promptness on social media and helped out various cries for help. This in indeed her another gesture to prove that she is perfect in her work. Kudos to you Sushma Swaraj.

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