”He was worth it. He was  worth all of this. ”His life in 10 months was the best  10 months of mine” – Demi Frandsen.

A few days back there was  this news  which became viral on the Internet, and it was   “Mom Donates 131 Gallons Of Breast Milk to Local Hospital After the Death of Her Infant Son”.   This  was about an Omaha mother , named Demi Frandsen , who lost her son Leo as he was suffering  from Gastroschisis( a birth defect which develops in the baby while the woman is pregnant) and was born two months early .

Leo was covered in wires in NICU.  From the time he was born  he had trouble taking in Frandsen’s milk,  particularly in large quantities.  He was covered in wires in the NICU.

But being a mother how can she leave trying all those possible ways in such a worst  condition , and she felt it was one of the ways of caring.

A mother can do anything  to save her child and that s what Frandsen was doing.   She was trying hard to keep her son alive but……. who could be postponed .  Leo passed away on Oct .22. That pure soul took all happiness from Frandsen and her family with him.  They say,” we’re still trying to figure out ways to live without him, without such a big part of our life .  We miss our Leo and it’s not day to day,  it’s moment to moment”.

Frandsen wanted to give back to the hospital that took care of her son.   So even before he died she already started donating all the milk he couldn’t drink.  She kept going after he died, waking up every three hours to pump out bottles of milk.  Amazing

Demi Frandsen explains  ” There was no skin to pull over his exposed organs and it was kind of a new case they had not seen before”.   She donated 17,503 oz or 131 gallons of breast milk to a local hospital in honor of Leo.   And now her breast milk can go to babies developing in the NICU (neonatal intensive care unit) just like Leo.

It is said” Mother’s are the God’s best and beautiful creation” and Frandsen proved it right.   Frandsen’s  love can’t be described in words because there is no word or a sentence in any language which can describe it completely and what she has done, only a mother can do in the whole universe and no one else.  Donating so much of milk for other babies is just tremendous  as it needs lots of courage .  Hats off Frandsen!


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News Source : People

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