“Tomato Heart” means “Saucy Soul” , a healthy, lively and bold heart. In today’s time when everything is so quick , time is running , and pressure of work is too much that neglecting health issues become by the way . Humans have to keep themselves fit and fine both from inside and outside( andar se aur bahar se). It is compulsory that each and every organ of your body works smoothly especially , heart.

Here we have listed 15 proven ways which can actually help you to keep your heart healthy and saucy.

 1. Start Exercising


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Exercise is very important for  creating a balanced, energetic and healthy life. Not only it is good for physical health but it is also good for the heart as it  boosts your mood, improve sex life. It prevents you from many heart diseases  and concerns like stroke, metabolic syndrome ,high blood pressure etc. So if you really want the “tomato heart”,  exercise is the must.

2. Quit Junk Food


If you guys want to keep your heart healthy so starting avoiding fast food as it  leads to several diseases like childhood obesity, heart diseases, and diabetes. When it is consumed very often, the excess fat , carbohydrates and processed sugar found in junk food can lead to cardiovascular disease, weight gain , high cholesterol , hard on the heart and many other problems.

3. Give your body  Healthy fuel.


Start fueling your body with a healthy diet so that your heart can live a better life. Those people who follow a healthy, well-balanced diet reduce their risk of chronic diseases such as heart diseases. Always have food which is rich in potassium as it can help lower blood pressure, fiber. Start consuming food like Salmon, oatmeal, blueberries,citrus food, soy, potatoes, tomatoes, nuts, legumes etc to keep your heart good!

4. Quit Smoking & Be Smart


Smoking is never a healthy option as it increases the risk of developing cardiovascular diseases which include coronary heart disease and stroke. It damages the lining of your arteries leading to a build up of fatty material which in the end narrow the artery. It not only damages your heart but can also cause aging of the skin. So, stop loving cigarette ,start loving yourself.

5. Get active


Staying active is great, but not only socially, physically. Start adapting those activities which keep you active like Running, dancing etc. Come on lets be active! this way your heart will remain healthy and young forever.  And you will soon be a Tomato heart owner too 🙂


6. Bike- Naah, Bicycle- Yippie!


I know human are doing progress day-by-day in the field of technology but somewhere we are ignoring our health which not gonna work. As a result people are becoming lazy ass. People use bikes for covering short distances which is absolutely wrong. Take bicycle instead of bikes for short distances .There are lots of benefits of bicycle like

  • Protect your skin against harmful effects of UV radiation if you cycle regularly.
  • It increases your brain power.
  • Best part, its Eco-friendly.
  • Regular cycling stimulates and improves your heart, lungs, and circulation.
  • Reduces cardiovascular diseases.
  • Strengthens heart muscles.
  • Reduces blood fat levels.


7. Drink more water


Drinking water! no doubt best gift for your health and heart. For healthy heart one should drink 5-6 glasses of water everyday.Drinking water in proper amount can do wonders for you because :

  • It helps the heart more easily pump blood through blood vessels to muscles.
  • It helps muscles work efficiently.
  • If you’re well hydrated, heart will remain healthy.

So remain hydrated, remain healthy.

Above were the ways how you can keep your heart healthy . So down are the tips through which you can make your heart saucy afterall  life should be saucy too! By adapting following tips you can truely be the human with a tomato heart


8. Say Yes to Comedy Movies.

Laughter is a best medicine, is a very old saying but trust me, guys, it does wonders. To keep your heart saucy , healthy and young all you need to do is starting laughing.  Start watching comedy movies.They will cheer your mood

9. LOL Like a Baby 🙂


Sometimes being a baby is not bad  because it really helps. Laugh out loud as much as u can. Live your life with a happiness because it can help you to stay fit from heart.

10. Listening Music is a good habit.


Music has the power to change a person’s mood. It can make you laugh, cry or calm you down. Infact, the Chinese character for medicine includes the character for  music. In ancient Greece , music was used to ease stress, promote sleep and soothe the pain . Listening music can lower blood pressure, slower heart rates, and less distress . It can make a person less anxious and even if the person who went to cardiac surgery if he/she listens to music , they have less pain then those who just rested quietly. Be a music person to have the tomato heart.

Keep calm and listen to music!

11. Meditation


Meditation offers significant heart benefits likes it helps in reducing stress , anxiety , which can lower heart rate and blood pressure while reducing harmful hormones. People who practice meditation are significantly less likely to have heart problems. It also helps in cardiovascular risk reduction. So if you really want a tomato heart, make meditation your daily habit.

12. Steal Time for Yourself.


Sometimes giving time to yourself is not a bad idea  , its important. Sometimes following your heart isn’t bad . Start stealing time for your hobbies as it keeps you calm and happy which will lead to a healthy heart and will keep your heart saucy.Go out and play games,if you love dancing , shake your booty. Do gardening if you have that love for plants . Do anything that makes you happy.

13. Keep Pets


Pets are humans best friends. They will never leave you alone. They will play with you anytime, Trust me anytime guys! .They wait for you . And best part of keeping pets is , it can lower your blood pressure, helps your body release a relaxation hormone and cut down on level of stress hormone. Pets can lead to a healthier heart. So if u pets at your home and you guys are ignoring them , just stop that.Go and hug them, play with them, kiss them .It will help you.

14. Say Hello to Unplanned Trips


Unplanned trips has their own charm and it makes a person happy. Travelling can make you more creative. Travel has always inspired artists and writers.

Writer, Jessica Mattern has written that:

  • International exploration provides inspiration.
  • Experiencing how other cultures work will give you new ideas , solutions and ways to approach earlier PROBLEMS.
  • You ll be able to see better pictures, new culture teaches you new values and perspectives.
15. Cooking Weird Recipes


Cooking is an art. Not everyone can perform it well but our  mom’s  can as they are world  ‘s best chiefs. Sometimes cooking weird recipes can actually help you to cheer up. If one start feeling each and every colour of spices during cooking, each and everyone colour, fragrance of spices, veggies that  person can actually live a better life with a better heart. So just go and cook something weird like pasta with lasagna, chocolate with chicken etc anything you like to. ( I dont know how these things gonna taste). At least give it a try because you never know when something great comes out. So just go and open yourself


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Featured Image Courtesy: www.nutritionsecrets.com

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