This weight loss thing is much of a cliche. It will always get you a part in the world of a drama-queen. It comes down to your crazy diet planning that is always like resolutions. Let us face it; they never come out clean.

Looking at those delicious blueberry muffins and that breathtaking red velvet cake, oooh you just want to feel that velvet on your lips. Just then that cute tiny red bikini catches your peripheral vision. Next thing you know, you are stuck on crossroads. Sometimes you don’t want to do it.

heavy weight woman
Weight loss should be motivational and fun. Laughing is the best way to burn those sweet freaks up more than 20%. But sadly your sense of humor is one of the first things you lose on a diet. Let us try to remedy that.

Here are 12 humorous tips to shape those hips

 1. Forget Liposuction and try Lip Obstruction or just replace your lipstick with glue-stick.
glue stick

Eat your food while staring into the mirror completely naked!
staring at mirror funny
 3. When eating donuts only eat the center part.
homer eating donut
 4. Weigh yourself with only one foot on the scale or just don’t weigh at all.
fat man funny cartoon
 5. Don’t eat your evening meal before breakfast.
do not eat

 6. Instead of carrying your laptop around start carrying your desktop PC.


man carrying desktop
 7. If you weigh more than your refrigerator, stop stuffing yourself up and start stuffing it like a Thanksgiving turkey.
stuffed turkey
 8. Remember food actually has no calories if no one sees you eating it.
eating habbits funny
 9. Follow a Pokemon instead of calories.
playing pokemon go
 10. If you can’t pronounce the ingredients, you shouldn’t eat it. EXCEPT if you are an Indian living in China.
indians eating in china
 11. Running to the refrigerator is not an exercise, running with it on your back… is.
running to the fridge

 12. Even when dieting, laughter should be on everyone’s menu, it tastes delicious.
laughing out loud

You are one of a kind. Stay fit and healthy from both inside and outside because the whole world needs to meet you.

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