The future of photo/video recording can be so exciting yet frightening in many ways.  Sony has a documented a patent for keen contact lenses that will permit you to record and play back video. It will be able to zoom and focus automatically to get the best photo or video shots, the camera would be controlled by winks, according to the patent. A user would close their eye and press the lid with their finger to activate the lens, then close and open their eye in certain ways to command certain functions. The lens would connect wirelessly to a phone or other device to transmit the images.

sony-patent tomatoheartImage Credit: Sony

The patent makes reference to the utilization of remote innovation that can associate with a cell phone. Users will likewise have the capacity to flick through various control options with the blink of an eye. You should not expect much from the camera as per the image or video quality is concerned, however, Sony’s patent says it will have the capacity to alter zoom, center, and gap simply like the innovation in a current cell phone’s camera.

sony-patent tomatoheart black mirrorImage Source: Black Mirror episode ‘The Entire History of You’.

Google already holds many patents for smart contact lenses, and Google was the first company to announce its intention to make one such product in 2014. Its Lens Project is designed to take constant glucose readings to aid diabetics. Last year, Swiss researchers unveiled a comparatively low-tech contact lens with a built-in telescope that lets the vision impaired zoom in with a wink.

Samsung also revealed a patent few weeks ago which outlined a contact lens similar to Sony’s, which would be able to track eye movement and project augmented reality images onto your eye, somewhat like an extremely small version of Microsoft’s Hololens headset.

But Sony’s patent may be considered as the most optimistic plan yet, including a constrained measure of capacity on the lens itself. Sony is only the most recent organization to advance an arrangement for cutting edge optical gadgets.

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