I am a middle-class engineer but still own a motorcycle with 180cc engine and it’s just not enough. If I would have more money, I must have bought a motorcycle with larger engine cylinder because everyone loves power and performance. Then why did a high-class ( in terms of affordability) Bollywood superstar Aamir khan buy a motorcycle with comparably low-power engine?

Yes, there is a big reason. Aamir Khan is known for his passion towards social and national causes and he became inspired to buy this 150cc Bajaj V15 model when he learnt that the Bajaj V contains metal from the INS Vikrant.  Metal from the scrapped warship has been used to build the fuel tank of the V15, which bears the ‘INS Vikrant’ logo on it and his bike has been customised with the an additional ‘A’ embossed on the fuel tank and one-off graphic design of Chote Lal affectionately inscribed on the rear seat cowl.  INS Vikrant was commissioned as the first aircraft carrier of the Indian Navy. After years of distinguished service, she was decommissioned in January 1997.

In a statement, Aamir Khan said:

“The V is a special bike and I wouldn’t compare it with anything else. It has a piece of history ingrained into it. For me it’s a proud moment to own a piece of metal from INS Vikrant which was the military pride of India for decades,”

Let’s see some photographs of Aamir Khan with his new Bajaj V bike shared on social networking sites.

Amir Khan Bajaj V 150cc INS Vikrant Tomatoheart-2

Amir Khan Bajaj V 150cc INS Vikrant Tomatoheart-4

Amir Khan INS Vikrant Tomatoheart-3

Amir Khan INS Vikrant Tomatoheart


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