Sagittarius is the ninth astrological sign and is known as the sign of the traveler. People born under this sign are known to be brutally honest, freedom loving and idealistic. Interestingly, this sign is termed as the promiscuous one.

Time Period: November 21 – December 21
Element: Fire
Ruling Planet: Jupiter
Symbol: Archer
Birthstone: Topaz

1Be Adventurous

Sagittarius is the sign which is in love with travelling and adventure. They don’t know what’s boring because they were never at the same place for too long. As a man or a woman who is in love with a Sagittarian, you need to be always up and about for new adventures. Trying new things is her hobby and she isn’t afraid of risks. Initially, it’s important for you to accompany her in her new quests, then only you would be allowed to comment on her recklessness later. She wants you to trust her and be her comrade even when her plans suck. Sagittarius women are very lucky and smart too. In the end, things turn out to be just fine for them. So, go ahead show them that you’ve got the balls.



2Don’t Be A Control Freak

If there is one thing that your Sagittarius crush can’t take, it is the feeling of being controlled. They love their freedom more than their lives and once you made them feel caged, trust me you lost them just there. No matter how much they love you, the moment you start keeping a track of their activities or start ordering them around or dominating them, they will leave you without any care in the world. The thing with Sagittarius women is, you don’t go to them, you make them come to you. Your Sagittarius woman demands a lot of space in a relationship and in turn they give you immense love and abundant space. Before you approach her make sure you are ready to deal with a woman who has a lot of admirers and who wouldn’t wrap her world just around you.


3No Drama

This sign is a ‘no shit’ person. She wouldn’t argue on useless issues. A Sagittarius woman has a lot of pride and she is very knowledgeable. She has a theory behind everything she says and most of the times your Sagitarian woman makes sense. So, talk it out instead of being a bitch about it. Unless you don’t tell her that you are angry, she wouldn’t do anything about it. She is bad at figuring out the problem. But once you tell her her mistake (more like prove her mistake), she would apologise immediately. Your Sagittarius woman is unlikely to cheat on you unless obviously, you give her a reason to, in which case she would be unapologetic about it.



4Lots Of Sex

As I already said, this sign is also known for its promiscuity. So, baby you have got to give her a lot of action so as to make her stay interested in you over a long period of time. Sagitarians love cuddling. They wouldn’t say it out loud but they want you to touch them all the time, all-the-fu*king-time. This doesn’t mean that this sign is all about sex, it’s just that they need proximity to feel connected to the other person. Also, they are extremely good in bed. So, it’s a win-win. 😉


5Hell Lot Of Intellectual Discussions

This sign is known as the philosopher sign. Sagittarius are very wise and always seek to know more. Possibilities are that they started talking to you at the first place because you do or know something that they don’t, or are fascinated about (looks becomes a secondary attribute for them). If you want her to go head over heels for you, tell her new interesting facts, show her new places, teach her new activities. Sagittarius are spiritual beings and they have strong philosophies regarding almost everything. Sit with her and indulge yourself in a productive conversation ranging from books to soul to universe. You’d be surprised to know how much knowledge she possesses. The best thing about her is that she is very modest about it, though.


6Be Opinionated


A Sagittarius woman hates people who abstain from giving opinions on the happenings around them. They will respect you if you have a take on things, with a proper backing of course. Sagittarius women have a thing for debates but they will indulge in it only when they think you are worth it. So, if you had an argument with her on whether rebirth is a true phenomenon, boy you are going on just the right path. Next time you will be discussing black magic, this time in bed, though. 😉

7Be Ready To Move Out Of Your Comfort Zone

Sagittarius women are never content. She believes life is too short and there are so many things to learn and do. That is why to be in sync with your lady you would need to expand your comfort zone. You can’t say no to something just because you have never done it or don’t know how to do it. Your Sagittarius woman would always give you that little push and in return expect your encouragement in her undertakings. She needs to try everything and you need to facilitate that. You can’t stay out of her venture and you can’t be a passive observer. She likes her man in action.

8Don’t Be Dependent

A Sagittarius woman represents the epitome of independence. Sometimes your little gestures of concern (like asking her if she needs money or offering to drop her back home because it’s dark), however genuine they may be, might hurt her feelings. She needs you to acknowledge her courage and sometimes she might go way too far to prove her point, but all she wants is for you to be proud of her and love her for what she is. Your Sagittarius woman is most likely to be clumsy but she is self-sufficient and would not like to be underestimated.

Since she is so independent she wants you to be equally self-reliant. If you start expressing too much of emotion or start showing too much attachment to her, you will lose her. Because somehow for Sagittarians emotions are a sign of weakness. I suggest, even if you are too jealous of her boy friends, don’t be very explicit about it.

Sagittarius women are critiqued for their cold and detached nature but in fact, they are very emotional deep down. It’s just that trivial issues don’t bother them much when they are in love with someone. They are more about the substantial concerns of life.


9Speak Only The Truth

A Sagittarius is known for being extremely honest to the extent that people start believing that they don’t give a darn about others and are very insensitive. But the underlying fact is that every sign has a principle close to their heart, a principle that they can’t compromise with. For Sagittarians it is honesty at all times, on any day. They will tell you everything without filters and in return they want the same from you. Somehow a Sagittarius always knows when you are lying. so, there is no point trying. Moreover, since they aren’t very expressive about their thoughts, so you wouldn’t even know when they are doubting you and are hurt because you lied. All of this will affect your relationship in the long run because Sagittarians never forget.

On the brighter side, Sagittarius is one of the most forgiving signs. They value it when you genuinely apologize. They will do anything (going to the extent of letting go of their egos; which is a big thing for Sagittarians) to save their relationship if they are in love with you.

don't lie

10Kinky & Quirky Is Okay

Sagittarius being a fire sign has a great appeal and fierce appearance. Your Sagittarius woman is dominating in bed and otherwise, but she loves surprises and if somehow you could get her reigns in your hand, man oh man! she is already crazy about you. Most Sagittarius women are up for experiments in their relationship.

Also, most of the Sagittarius women have a unique style statement and dress boldly and differently from others. You are very likely to attract her attention if you are quirky in your ways. She would encourage and support you with your new hairstyles and tattoos. She wouldn’t entertain any criticism to her quirks. Before getting into a relationship with a Sagittarius woman ask yourself this very essential question : Are you ready to walk in the party arm in arm with that peculiar lady who attracts every other eye and fascinates them to a level you particularly don’t approve of? ;p


That was pretty much all about your Sagittarius women. She sounds like a big deal, eh?

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