It is 25th of December, and everyone is celebrating. Oh! But you are poor. Fret not, we have got your back.

Festivals are a luxury for poor people, but this is the thing about festivals – they demand to be celebrated.

i love Christmas tomatoheart

Here are five simple ways in which you can celebrate Christmas despite being short of money:

1. Lights

Pick a random plant from your garden and wrap it in Chinese lamps, with due respect to nationalism (yeah, you can’t afford to be a hardcore nationalist when you are poor, so, Chinese light it is!).


If you don’t have a garden, make a heap of clothes, the ones you were about to put to wash, and wrap the lights around it considering it to be your creative Christmas tree :D. The more colorful clothes you choose, the happier you would feel about it.


Does that make you happy?

2. Socks & Candies

Now it is time to fill some socks with some delicious candies and either hang them on the Christmas tree or throw them at random around the house. Sounds awesome, doesn’t it?


I would suggest that you choose clean socks, or neither you nor your guests would be very excited about the candies. If you are poor and also a loner, then you can rob your own socks after every half an hour. Trust me; this will keep you busy, and you won’t have time to feel bad about yourself.

3. Cakes & Cookies

You can either skip over it by crying or laughing yourself to sleep which depends upon the choice of the movie that you will watch on your useless-old-piece-of-shit laptop :). Or you could buy yourself cheap cookies and ugly cakes. You might want to consider stealing your middle-class neighbor’s food too.

fantastic idea

4. Kisses & Cuddles

Now this is some serious business. If you have a GF/Bf, you can call them over but you don’t have to gift each other anything because being with each other is the best gift, don’t you think?

All I want this Christmas is you tomatoheart


I am hoping you found yourself a poor girlfriend/boyfriend, but if you haven’t been smart enough to keep in account your financial status while falling in love, I am sorry, that is your shit, and you got to deal with it!

for shame

5. Drinks & Dance

Vodka and Beer are cheap if you don’t go after the brand and quality of course. Poor people just need a little push to get high, because poverty makes them low-key crazy. In short, they have it in them.

dancing alonevia

As far as a romantic dance is considered, no one is going to come and check whether you got to do a slow dance or not, and if somebody does ask you about it just make a story. I am sure you can manage that. You can also dance alone for a while for your satisfaction’s sake.

You are so thankful to me for planning your Christmas Eve this brilliant. I know!

i know



Oh! Shut up now.

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