The tagline of Star Plus, a Hindi-language general entertainment television channel based in India is Nayi soch’. Quite obviously, they come up with some progressive advertisements every now and then. This time, their ad features Virat Kohli, M.S Dhoni, and Ajinkya Rahane.


In the ad, the name on their jerseys, which is usually the surname of their father, have been replaced by their mother’s name. Reason being an effort to show the equal contribution of their mothers in their success.

Let’s watch these ads first:

I don’t doubt the intention of these cricketers but it would be really nice if people who hold such an influential position think before promoting certain ideologies. Superficially, it sounds like a good idea in order to recognize the position and immense efforts of mothers in their children’s life. But if we probe into this idea, we would realize that there lies an utmost desire of our society to give credits to a single person only, the person being either male or a female.


The current attitude of the society presses more on individualism than communitarianism, and it has its own drawbacks. Everything turns into a competition where either the male is to be appreciated or the female. Everything suddenly becomes relevant to feminism.

Meanwhile forgetting the real motto of feminism which is ‘equality’.

In such a scenario it becomes difficult to award collective recognition. How difficult is it to see that both mother and father work day and night for their kid’s happiness? While it is wrong to only acknowledge a father’s contribution to the success of a kid, it is equally inappropriate to give all the credits to the mother.

And most importantly, just because there has been historical discrimination against women, the discrimination against men wouldn’t become justified.

Why can’t we just accept the obvious and tenable fact that both mothers and fathers can be congratulated for their contributions to their children’s achievements?

But did any of these cricketers think about this? No, because as long as they are being paid they would advertise for anything which seems presentable enough. Who has the time to introspect anyway?!

It has always been cooperation rather than differences among the society members that has led them to a peaceful existence. It’s high time that media stops antagonizing one gender towards the other. We can and must work together and are equally entitled to appreciation for our hard work.

The saddest part is though the fact that these cricketers very easily signed up for this ad. But do they have any intentions to apply the same in their real lives?

I doubt so.

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