Some intelligent scientists conducted an intellectual study to recognize a pattern of behavior among the intelligent folks.

The findings basically say that intelligent people are weird.
Are we surprised?
Swearing is intelligent

Goddammit! Why wouldn’t the door open?!

What the hell was that about?!

(drops the cake) shit!!

Fuck this!

Fuck that!

Fuck everything!

So, is it like you can’t just help but swear? Maybe you can’t just help but be intelligent.

ScienceDirect in its article on deconstructing myth about curse word convey that not swearing is like limiting your vocabulary.

Night owl = Intelligent owl

Do you feel as active as a cockroach after sunset? Satoshi Kanazawa, an evolutionary psychologist, in his work confirmed that there are chances that you might as well be an intelligent human being. Researchers link night owls with high IQ.


In case you seriously doubt your intelligence but are still suffering from sleeplessness, I recommend you go see a doctor instead of fancying being intelligent.

Intelligent Mind  ~ Messy Desk

Is it like you arrange your table but in your mom’s opinion it is as good as being deranged, then maybe it’s time for you to reveal your true identity. Tell your mom that you are a member of the ‘intelligent weirdos’ community, we got your back :D.


In case you are wondering who’s the angel who understands you so well, he is a psychological scientist – Kathleen Vohs.

A study by the University of Minnesota says that a messy environment attracts creativity, while orderly environment inculcates conventions and playing it safe.


Now you know that you have been intelligent all this while. Go on tag your  friends and enlighten them too 🙂
Featured image: Punchbowlsocial

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