Netflix, the savior of the lazy asses and the anti-socials, is the world’s leading subscription service for watching TV series and movies.

Netflix is about to complete its ninth month in India and it just came up with two new hilarious ads as part of its ad campaign. These advertisements feature comedians Sumukhi Suresh, Utsav Chakraborty, and Tanmay Bhat.

In the first ad, Utsav is shown as a Netflix addict, who has no social life and is always glued to the couch in the hall watching TV series. Meanwhile, Suresh, the maid, has moved to her boss, Utsav’s house because he doesn’t care about anything anymore. Turns out Suresh has more plans for Utsav’s house. Let’s check it out.

Tanmay who is a pizza boy in this ad is too fast to be referred to as ‘ladka nikal chuka hai’, and is rather called ‘ladka pahunch chuka hai’.

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But sadly, Tanmay realized that was not enough to get tips from customers. Watch this video to find out what he did in order to earn tips.

Getting hooked is that easy, and when it happens you’ll know. Till then, Netflix and chill.