Greetings to all the men out there who have no idea why girls can’t stand them. Chill, this isn’t the end of the world. God is just and everyone gets their fair share of action on earth.

What if I tell you that you have been committing some awful mistakes while dealing with girls, all this while?

Here’s a list of those (wondering how I guessed it right? Don’t!). Okay, read already!

1First Impression Is Not The Last Impression


Not everything is going to happen on the first date. It’s going to take me some time to like you and same should be the case with you. Don’t assume that just because I right away didn’t tell you that I like you, I wouldn’t consider you. It’s okay if our first date wasn’t extraordinary. We weren’t performing a drill. Let’s be real.

2Treating Her Like ‘That’ Girl


Gone are the times, when a human whose favorite colour was pink, who liked watching hopeless romantic movies, who was a ‘handle with care’ person, was known as a girl.

A girl these days is very unpredictable. She likes all sorts of adventures, she watches action movies too. She might as well know better dirty jokes than you do. She wouldn’t cringe if you use strong words in your vocab, because she does it too, and it is okay. She can very well discuss politics too.

So, try and learn about her individual characteristics. DO NOT freaking assume anything.



Honestly, nobody cares how many girls were crazy about you in high school. If you fail to impress me, then that’s the end of the chapter.

Did I ask you how wealthy are you? If I did,  then may be I am looking for a Santa Claus for gifts and not particularly a boyfriend.

Also, if the only thing that you can offer me is your muscles, let me tell you I am not appointing a bodyguard for myself. You need to have some character, babes.

4Not Treating Her The Way She Deserves To Be Treated


If I am rude to you for no good reason, just tell me to my face that you don’t like that snobby attitude. No need to tolerate me. For if you do, I am just going to think that you don’t have self-respect or that you want to sleep with me. Come on it’s the women of the 21st century we are talking about. We don’t want to be treated like the princess we “aren’t”. We desire an egalitarian  relationship.

5Making Her Jealous


That’s an expired strategy and DO NOT resort to it. If she doesn’t pay attention to you in normal circumstances, she wouldn’t pay attention to you no matter what. Also, if she misses you only when she sees you with another girl, do yourself a favour and forget that girl for eternity.

If you think that making her jealous is a good way of keeping her under control, that’s the worst kind of abuse you could do to her (and I hope you don’t find a lover in all your 7 births ?).  She loves you and she deserves only love in return. And if you don’t love her, leave. As simple as that!

6Staring At Wrong Places


Manners, boys!


Just Imagine someone staring at the junction of your thighs. If that doesn’t gross you out then the world is already judging you creep.

And although most of you would just skip this point because it’s too basic, I can bet you, as a woman I have seen every other guy staring at me and drooling like I am a fu*king pizza. Trust me when I say this, it doesn’t make me feel desired or attractive when you check me out like that. If anything, I feel objectified.

7Being Desperate


Okay okay, I understand that you badly want to get laid. But dude acting desperate will only extend your wait. Also, it might just repel those girls who would otherwise not mind some collective action.

Now, you might be a person for whom physical proximity is a must criterion to feel connected to another person but you have to understand that not everyone is comfortable with that, at least not initially. So, give your girl some space and let her make the first move, maybe? Now that sounds interesting, right?

8Shying Away ( Not Taking the lead. Not Doing the Talking.)

come here don't shy tomatoheart

If you won’t try and make an effort to make her feel comfortable, I don’t think she would like you all that much. Girls hate it when they have to do all the talking. It’s true that our lives are very happening ;), but I am sure there must be something to your life too. Don’t just listen, participate in the conversation. It just makes the relationship much more lively for both of you.



Don’t insist on her staying the night. If she wants to, she will. If she doesn’t, she wouldn’t. And if she ends up staying just because you insisted, boy you won’t have a very good time with her. And she will always blame you for that.

Don’t push her into agreeing for a relationship. The forceful relationship hasn’t worked out for anyone, at least not on Earth, as far as humanity is concerned.

10Complimenting Her physical Attributes More Than Her Intellectual Abilities

natural beauty gif tomatoheart

All humans like compliments about their physical features sometimes. But, If she is a girl aged 20 or more, trust me she knows that she has a pretty smile and a beautiful pair of eyes. And she has come a long way from her innate characteristics and has developed a lot more talents to admire. If you are that man who compliments her only when she looks good and skips over her achievements at the workplace, you are going to be abandoned by her soon for someone who isn’t as careless as you are.

It’s only natural for her to expect you to acknowledge her excellence in all the fields that she is a part of and in return you get to expect the same from her.

So, gentlemen now that you are aware of the errors that you were committing, you have a better chance at relationships.

Go on now, you are safe to make an account on tinder ?.

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